Special Counsel Jack Smith's office asked a federal judge Wednesday to prevent former President Donald Trump from introducing evidence at his Jan. 6 criminal trial concerning selective prosecution and security failures that occurred at the Capitol or making arguments his actions were protected by the First Amendment, suggesting such a defense amounted to politics.


I went to the local grocery store. Was wondering why everyone was pissy looking. I forgot I had on my Republican Committee t-shirt. Just left Planet Fitness too. Man, these people are ignorant. Don't care. Wait until I start wearing my MAGA hat.

Biden's 2019 Tweet Attacking Trump Comes Back to Haunt Him After Migrant Child Dies in US Custody Hours After Title 42 Expires | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/b

Comments I recd on this story on CCP DiFi:

"Be sure to open The Blaze & see her pic! America no longer has a functioning Senate, but rather an “old folks home.” Exactly HALF of the Senate is over 65! Four are 80 or older, with two @89. Nine are between 75 & 79. And then there’s “brain dead” Fetterman, who is only 53! Imagine where we’d be if we allowed people this old to be pilots!"

Sickly 89-year-old Dianne Feinstein wheeled into Senate, asks, 'Where am I going?"


One Chinese user Rose on Gettr reposted a Gnews article:

人民币会暴跌三千倍,你的人民币跑路了吗? gnews.org/articles/994543?biz=

I previously posted this map of the few counties that flipped to Biden in 2020 to suggest the task of winning in ‘24 was doable.

If one considers that the fraud that delivered the election was largely constrained to a handful of democrat cities and these counties, then the question of how not only Biden pulled it off in 20, but also the question of how Trump did it in ‘16 becomes much less enormous.

Winning in ‘24 is DOABLE.

Moses inspected all the work, and they had done it just as the Lord had commanded—they had done it exactly—and Moses blessed them. Exodus 39.43 NET.

God approves of those who do exactly what he commands.

#Bible #obedience

Gail Golec, [11/28/2022 3:41 PM]
Yes. I did get this emergency temporary restraining order in to the Judges hands before the meeting of the Mari corruption County Board of Criminals

Let the law fare begin.

To the Supreme Court we go!

Gail Golec, [11/28/2022 3:41 PM]



She'll also be staying with my mother and Yia yia at the house ....forming the three headed hydra of I don't know what..mom watches Bannon, Ya watches wrestling and my sister pays attention to nothing but work and church . It's gonna be a crap-tastic shit show. She's about to get a boot camp lesson from the two old birds on reality, cooking and chores , like sewing and vacuuming. My sis is a minimalist bc it means no chores ... the the old birds are very much the opposite 😉ima love this

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