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Hello, Dingdash! 😃
Norway, Europe calling here!

First post: Created & edited profile: "Pro-God & people worldwide. Norwegian Center Christian-Value-Conservative. Pro-Judeo-Messianic-Christian-values &Rule-of-law. Anti-Evil. Much GOOD! John 3:16 :)"

I don't know if this is a Christian-server only/mainly, but I made this profile for Gettr.

I thought I could brighten your day a bit (as the weather permits) 😉 and help point to a thing or two, resource, tips, something helpful.

I am 35 years, was born in Trondheim in a Norwegian-Lutheran State-Church family, and my father was involved in mission to the Sami people in Northern Scandinavia for many years.

Around 2004+ all my siblings had an awakening of sorts in "New" Charistmatic/Baptist congregations.

I have followed Asia Link and BTJ/Back To Jerusalem "offline" for many years. 😃 Great reports!

God bless you all!

The USA now probably has more density of satanist "franchise holders" (1700s stuff) than McDonald's. More witches, warlocks, more occultists, false prophets, phony christian churches, self-appointed prophets, wayward ministers, woke preachers, pedophile Vatican-styled "churches" (outside heaven) than any place on earth.

This is also not a new thing.

Also BTJ & partners SERIOUSLY need to wake up, or to ADJUST the "sights". Motto "Yes, it is EVEN WORSE."

Even in the 2000s, Neil Cole, Wolfgang Simson, Dr. John Snyder, Richard Owen Roberts - the voices were MANY and EVER LOUDER and MORE INTENSE - spoke about such things.

That was BEFORE all the whistleblowers and ages of sources and internal criticism all over the place were known to many people, at least to me and my networkS, PLURAL.

Too bad I studied adequately church history to have many strange old hooks ready for many of the sources - the sails went up and what a storm. WHAT A HIGH-PERFORMANCE RIG the old Reformers left behind!

(And then I did not even mention the Chinese themselves, the OTHER Chinese, like the NTD since the 1980s? 2000s? Or like the Whistleblower Movement ex-/internal CCP and/or Miles Guo since the 2017+ and eeven more so since 2020+.)

((What if the Red and the Blue really are the same in the underworld, hmm? They play a very different game, far above most people's heads, and below their "feet" and presumed bottom lines of what people and demons are capable of. And they may not even MENTION God - who knows them better than THEY do. So where does that leave the straggling Christian churches? WHERE ARE THE TRUE PROPHETS!

In the old days, AND TODAY, states, nations look for prophetic insight. They spend all kinds of times with wise men & wise women, witches, fortune tellers, astrologers - the armies used to seek GOD and GOD's people, - NOW - WHERE ARE THE TRUE PROPHETS!

As Brother Yun & Brother Ren said in 2023 - The world asks WHO HAS LIGHT! And then the GOD, Jesus, Holy Spirit message.))

Do you know that The Seven Day Adventists with Walter Veith & Amazing Discoveries revealed various links between the Grahams and the Vatican, Freemasons and what is called the Illuminati, all in kahoots with seriously dark satanic stuff, decades ago?

It amazes me how many of you Americans cannot even hear your own homegrown American critics when they sound such bells for ages now. The Baptist movement in USA grew side by side with the New Age Gnostic movements and the Spiritualists in the early 1800s and so on. (See the 1844 Baptist & Adventist themes versus the Fox sisters and Blavatsky types. It is VERY serious stuff from the 1800s+ USA, Europe and the Anglican church too.)

(Walter Veith & CO pointed out that what the Ellen G. White type was to the Baptist movement++ the Blavatsky type was to the Occult world.)

The Ultimate Goal of Communism by NTD - Ch. 1: The Central Kingdom Divinely Imparted Culture | The Ultimate Goal of communism (Update) | NTD 1,37 mill. subscribers (full playlist)

[I also think China has an anormous job of "testing the spirits" from ages past to find out what has really shaped its many thousand years of history. The universe is an incredibly sneaky place, and not all is light that pretends to be light.]

Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (English Full Series) by NTD 1/9
(full playlist)

Asia Link, Norway - the incredible Bernard and his life story as a pastor and evangelist deep into places where few dare go.

"中国的早晨五点钟 (5.00a.m. in China)"
"Into Canaanland"

Pray to the true God that He might help China in this time!

Imagine something ELSE than "communism", also for China and Asia! And now ALSO for THE USA and WORLDWIDE! THAT is why:

Liberty of Conscience Threatened | The Great Controversy | Chapter 35 | Lineage

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