With everything happening in the world the day we need to remember that prophecy in the Bible is cyclical. I explain it in this new podcast episode.


Hello Friends, Looking forward to seeing @sinbach and Co in Dallas in a couple of months.
And here’s a new podcast on being Shortsighted in spiritual things.


When the world is falling apart God had a plan. New Podcast with a short timeline of prophecy


Hello friends. We need to be diligent to not allow a mixture in our lives. Here’s a new podcast for your encouragement.


Evil is everywhere. I’m glad the Bible gives us what we need to understand it and how God will fix it all in the end.


Matthew 24:10 is a description of wokeness. “And then many will be offended“

The definition of this word offended is “to see in another what I disapprove of and what hinders from acknowledging his authority.”

Many today are easily offended if their preferred sexuality is not respected or their ethnicity is not highlighted. And many people take on offense for others under the presumption they are doing the oppressed party a favor. Ultimately this thinking rejects the authority of the loving God of the Bible.

Just listened in on @sinbach talk to a Hacker on Quantum Physics and theology. Fascinating!

Considering the signs of the times is important. But we must keep our eyes on Jesus.


I’ve started a mailing list. God is Real. The Bible is True. Let’s talk about it!


Ever Pondered Hastening the Day of the Lord?

Discover some end times insight in this podcast.


What mission trip opportunities are there with Back to Jerusalem?

We need to be constantly aware of what we put our mind towards. The things of God, or the things of men.

It would appear that since President Xi of China wants the same kind of Godless, human-centered, persecuting Christians control over his country that Mao had, he should benefit from the same responses from God that Mao received.
But he’s gone a step further in rewriting the Bible to match his communist philosophy! God will not sit quietly by.

I reckon we can all agree that evil is rampant. I’m glad God has it covered.

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