Please pray for my mother and her husband, Dick and Roxane. They both went into the hospital today.

Dick is not at all well, he has liver failure and kidney failure and is very sick. He is swollen and jaundiced, blood count is a quarter of what it should be, and they are giving him blood right now.

Please pray for grace at work, as I try to take off work again for family emergency.

Please pray for a place for me to live closer to them, for God’s grace strength and help, and for salvation for both of them (they are both 80).

Thank you so much for praying.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, yesterday was my first day off since July 17. Am emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted.

Parents still at the hospital, both have been diagnosed with severe dementia. Staff there are helping me to try to get them placed in a care home, some difficulties there.

I have been trying to work, be there for them and their two dogs on weekends, trying to find a place to live closer to them that I can afford.

I am strapped financially, and it’s 2.5 hours of driving one way to go see them and their dogs.

My lease ends Sept 16. Due to exhaustion & financial limitations, am considering possibly moving to be with sister in another state for a time to try to recover, but that would mean leaving them at the care home for a period of time, without me being nearby.

If the answer is to move nearer to parents as they transition, I need a real miracle from God. Please pray for me for wisdom and guidance, that I feel and hear His heart in all of this.

My stepdad has taken a turn for the worse, please pray for him. Nurse said he is having excessive tremors and it’s not looking good. Infection is moving about in his body. I am waiting on a call back from the doctor. 😭

He is not a Christian, please pray for him!

@davereimer thank you so much for your prayers and God bless you

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