Urgent prayer request, for believers among Somali people. As they are imprisoned and persecuted with high risk🙏🙏!

LORD OVER ALL, May You rise up obo believers in Somalia. May Your banner of love be wrapped around them and their strength and faith encouraged because You are worth it all. I ask for divine protection and intervention for the horrific persecution they are undergoing. Make a way of escape for those in dire straights. Cause the heart of their enemies to be softened and that they may extend mercy to believers. May Your holy and warring angels minister in supernatural ways that I cannot even fathom. Provide food, clothing, security, the other physical needs. May Your word go forth and the lost turn to Christ. May believers be bold as lions and a distinction made between believers and unbelievers. Give believers great wisdom and direction to know what they are to do. Only You, O Lord. Deliver Your beloveds. May they know the body of Christ intercedes for them and that they have not been forgotten. Amen.

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