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Asking for prayers of protection for Dr. Carrie Madej. We are now learning through sources who know her that she was involved in a plane crash (a small Piper plane, reportedly) and suffered a broken leg and some vertebral injuries. She is believed to be in surgery currently. We do not yet have any media sources reporting this, but this is from direct contacts. We do not yet know her post-surgery status or anything else. Please join us in praying for her safety. More details to follow.

Economic Ninja breaks character to reveal his big heart for people who are feeling dazed and hopeless because of financial reverses.

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My wife and I had a premature child (26 week term, now 4 weeks post gestation)
Baby needs a blood transfusion. Blood banks, while asking Vax status and supplier, claim they are not sorting donor blood and you cannot request 'clean' blood. (free from mRNA and graphene oxide)

We NEED a type O negative donor for our son, anywhere within the continental US, who is:

Not vaccinated for covid
Blood Type = O negative
No serious disease
Willing to donate blood

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Colorado State offers help to anyone "affected by free speech."
This sign offers students 17 resources to help them if they have been affected by free speech.
Universities are treating Free speech as if it is a disease or violence affecting students.
Do not be fooled - the enemy's first attack when he takes over an areas is to stop free speech. Preaching the Gospel and sharing the Word is essential to complete the Great Commission. This is why China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran WILL NOT - CANNOT allow free speech. An attack on free speech is ALWAYS a direct attack on completing the Great Commission, to prolong Satan's time on earth. 😥

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Thousands of Italians are in quarantine at home and therefore there are many closed shops.

Restaurants and hotels are empty and risk bankruptcy.

A mask is mandatory on the street and in closed places.

There is a strange atmosphere. People all have sad and worried faces.

There is a campaign of discrimination and denigration against those who are not vaccinated which leads to thinking and saying very unpleasant things against what they call "no vax".

Think that today in Italy those who have done up to the second dose of vaccine are called "no vax". So even those who have been vaccinated but have not taken the last dose are a "no vax".

I have tried to best summarize what is happening but the reality is worse.

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The news, on the other hand, are these:

1) All over 50s are required to take the vaccine, workers or not. If they don't get vaccinated they will get a fine.

2) To enter supermarkets and pharmacies no vaccine is required but for everything else the three doses of vaccine that are controlled by means of the green pass are mandatory.

3) A negative test is required to go to banks, post offices and public offices.

Those who do not have any vaccines are not allowed to do almost anything.

Electricity and gas have risen by 50% and consequently everything else has soared.

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Elon was our the first BTJ chairman of the board. Since I first met him almost 23 years ago, he was a mentor and friend traveling with me to the most remote areas of the world.
Welcome home Elon. Welcome home.

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this is Tammy- my sister Debbie went home to be with Jesus Today. she wanted to be healed but her body gave out due to covid and her doctors refused to let her take the ivermectin that was prescribed for her. I pray tonight she is wrapped in the arms of Jesus! this is Debbie's account and I know she appreciated all your prayers! please keep my family in prayer as this is a devastating loss - we are saddened to lose her - but know she's with God!

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PRAYER: there is 13,000000 people under 100% lockdown in one city in China. They are not allowed to come outside of their home. At all. Period. Or risk 10 days in jail and a fine.

Please pray for food to get to them all as the gov seems a little SLOW in meeting this need! And please pray for the elderly people as this scared them. They watched millions of people starve back in their younger days. Their friends. They’re family. Etc.

A couple other cities are also locking down in various degrees.

No Covid before Olympics is the cry of China!

There is 1300 cases in Xi’an.

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URGENT PRAYER - I forgot to add - our names are debbie and tammy.

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URGENT PRAYER - please pray for me and my sister -we both have severe covid pneumonia and have very low oxygen levels - we need a miracle from God to be healed. I am in the hospital and they keep trying to give me remdesevir and want to put me on a ventilator. I'm so very scared - please pray for me. my sister is being treated at home - she found a Dr that will prescribe ivermectin - we are waiting for it to arrive. we both truly need a miracle.

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Communist China. Living inside is often difficult. Guards everywhere. Cameras everywhere. People watching your internet. Can’t do this. Can’t say that.

Well something just happened to someone in the family. She posted a scripture on China’s equivalent to Twitter. (She posts bible quotes from this app often) And the GOV somehow STOPPED AND BLOCKED it from progressing further than her own PHONE!
No one else can see it!
And we have seen the exact same post on others posts on that same day. The exact picture. So why hers? It’s creepy.

When things like this hit close to home, it feels surreal! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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Please pray for my company to win a contract over the next week. The guys and girls have been fighting hard and fair to procure this work. Been wracking my brain on how to keep all the great workers working before a few other jobs kick off. This win would really help.

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Prayers are welcome for a 32 year old disciple living in our home (my husband had the privilege of sharing Jesus with him 11 months ago and afterward he was baptized and has been very eager to learn more of God's Word and share with others). Right now he is going through COVID. The rest of our family is fine. We had this sickness a year ago and I believe our immune response has been very good, praise God. Of course, we are still trying to do what we can to remain healthy. But, I wanted to ask your prayers for our family and especially for this brother in our home.

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@KarlGessler thankyou.

we're all still utterly dreadful. Energyless. Lifeless.

Seeing the boys so low is horrible.

Jo and I have a proper nasty taste in our mouths, which makes eating anything without feeling more sick a huge obstacle

Can't taste anything either. Its a bizarre situation!

We are all up today (yesterday I couldn't find the strength to get out of bed) although today I've had a shower and a tiny bit of scrambled egg...the most I've eaten in a couple of days

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Tears fall. Today was already hard for many reasons. But tonight I saw this picture and tears fell like a silent waterfall.
This is little YuanHao. He was a precious little baby who was born with anal atresia ( no opening). He was cruelly brought to the brink of death 3 times before we got the phone call asking if we would care for him! In this picture he is almost a year old. When we got him he only weighed 6.5 lbs at 9 months of age. With love and care he learned to smile, and even laugh.
We got the blessing of loving him until he went to heaven due to internal organ failure.
It’s amazing how there is always a place in our hearts for each child we care for that will never go away.
🌹And can still bring tears🌹

See the before picture and after:

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Keep us down in Louisiana in your prayers. Lots of devastation

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From our "on the ground" partner in Laos. Since January until now. Ready for this??
1. 24,361 have heard the gospel
2. 4,671 have been saved. (1 in 5 who heard)
3. 1,792 Baptized (2 in 5 saved get baptized)
4. 134 new discovery discipleship groups
5. 57 new house churches planted
6. 1689 leaders trained.
7. Jesus glorified.

Amen???!!!!!! Pray for Laos. Pray for AIM1040.COM AS we continue to focus on those who have never heard. Love you all.

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