This is a sad day for Finland. 😢 A transgender law was accepted today which allows men/female couples to have children as being the childs only parents. Also the definition of "mother" and "father" is going to change. A biological woman giving birth to a child can now be the father of the child. So crazy!!

If Italy is going through a punishment of God, so will be the case for Finland too. We are today stepping aside from God's blessings and shelter with this law that violates His standards and creation. 🥶😭 God have mercy on us!! 🙏



What a sad thing. Humanity is now adrift and I believe that even more than ever the time has come for the church of Jesus Christ to take a stand against wickedness and affirm all that God's Word says. Jesus promised us that he will be with us until the end of the present age and he certainly will. Taking a stand for Christ, however, must make us reflect on the price to pay. It is time for the Western church to think hard about the prophecies of the end times and to reflect on what has been happening for two years now (but also in the last few decades).

It is time for the Western church to become church and not entertainment again. The future does not belong to us and at any moment the geopolitical scenario changes and there could be very serious problems to face. What is happening in Ukraine teaches us. As a church we need to fortify ourselves in Christ and learn from those who have been suffering for years. I am referring to our brothers in the persecuted church.

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