@DevotionalTreasures Thank you dear brother for your blessing words! What a privilege to be a part of Christ's body and united in the same Spirit! Let's run the race set before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, and encourage eachother in the body - as long as we can say "today". 🙏

"Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”
-1 Cor. 15:58

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Torben Sondergaard's wife Lene with her encouraging song "Fear not" ❤


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@DevotionalTreasures At 79 yrs of age I have watched America turn from fear & reverence of God ( in general) to ignorance of the Bible & no fear of God! The natural result of this path is what we are seeing played out around us! It is going precisely as the Bible prophecies tell us! 2 Timothy chapter 3 , Romans chapter 1, etc! The persecution of Christ followers has greatly increased in America and will continue to more rapidly! The Church needs cleansing .. I believe it’s coming soon!

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Torben's latest update from jail. I understand him when he says: " This world is changing".
We see this change in Finland too. We're not in a Christian country anymore.


Another sad day for Finland 😭😭💔
The new transgender law was accepted by the Parliament.

We'll see where and how this way our leaders have chosen ends. 🥶

I have just one word: Maranatha ! ❤🙌🙏

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“As they tortured me, they screemed ‘We are the devil!’ and I realized that they had no room for God in their hearts. I determined that I would make no room for the devil in mine.” --Richard Wurmbrand
(14 year Prisoner of Communists for the sake of Christ)

What is interesting with this new transgender law that will be voted about tomorrow, is that even the organisation for homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals - are against it! The Finnish link: lhb-liitto.fi/2023/01/24/trans
They have written a letter on the net where they plead for the members of the Parliament not to accept it. There is also examples about how this similar law has been misused and had problems in countries like Norway and Denmark. Biological male persons have through this law had access for example to female prisons where they have committed crimes. In Norway a woman who complained about a biological man in a women's locker room, had been charged for discrimination herself.

In 2020 a survey was made amongst the Finnish people and the result of it showed that the majority (66%) of Finns are against to a new law where a person can change gender just by making an announcement.

This is in no way the will of our people. This idea comes from somewhere else and must be stopped 🙏🙏

What this new law would mean in practice, I believe we can't even imagine what doors it would open. For example, if a man changes his gender to be a woman (he doesn't even need to be a transsexual at all) then he (now "she") will have full access into women's locker and showerrooms.
What about women's right for safety and privacy??

Tomorrow the Finnish Parliament are having their last discussions about a new transgender law that they will vote about on Wednesday. This time it's about changing your gender. If it passes through, that would mean that a person can officially and by law change one's gender simply by making an announcement; no need to see any doctor anymore (two doctors' approval is needed now). And it would be possible to change your gender ones' a year! 🤯🤪
Please God give some common sense to the Parliament so this madness will stop. 🙏

Here's a new update and information about Torben's case. It sounds like the lies that put Torben in prison are finally getting exposed. 🙏


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Jo had to bring me to hospital this morning - Prayers appreciated

My heart is now confirmed as not beating correctly

My blood preasure, oxygen levels and temperate all good. Pulse is ok, but a little higher than usual

Just my heart again. I've had two previous incidents of atrial fibrillation

Now waiting for a doctor

If someone would like to write a message to Torben Sondergaard in prison, that's possible through the webpage friendsoftorben.com (go to the link 'contact').

And here's the latest official update about the case:


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I enjoyed listening to this program from FAI (Frontier alliance international). Especially how Joel Richardson is encouraging the body of Christ to have endurance when the great tribulation comes (which the Bible talks about), when Christians will be hated and persecuted by all nation's.(Matt.24:9)

But that's also a time when God will restore and refine his Church! We need the sufferings so that we can become His bride: "That He might present to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing,: but that it should be holy and without blemish". (Eph. 5:27 ) 

And also we need it so that Christ's body will be in unity (Eph. 4:3).


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