Follow 5G is not about downloading movies faster, that is just the carrot placed in front of your face. 5G EMF Radiation works with the graphene oxide and nanotechnology in vaccines (along with other heavy metals) to compromise your immune system so pathogens like viruses can take over and put you in a hospital if you don't have adequate protection. You can't escape 5G & EMF microwave radiation! The best thing you do is shielding away it from changing your DNA, cooking your brain, and weakening your immune system. It is even worse for infants, children and seniors. You can shield and protect yourself and your family from them by using 5G specific EMF shielding protection that uses a similar technology in reverse (instead of being a receiver of EMF, you are a reflector instead, and that is a big difference.) Deflect it away from your brain, immune cells and body effectively or else your body will be the 5G router!

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