Why does dingdash only attract a certain ideology group? What about us that believe vaccines actually help people, COVID 19 is real and trumpism isn't synonymous with believing in Jesus? Some of the messages here are horrendously polarizing; how can we find unity in Christ without asking about a vaccine status or political view first?


I've seen a very wide range of people and beliefs and interests. I'd say far more diverse than my Facebook, YouTube or Instagram accounts

But the big difference is that we can share those views without censorship.

Could it be that you're used to seeing posts that dont have any of those topics you raised elsewhere, highlighting the ones you are seeing here

I've seen no posts, for example, questioning the efficacy of the vaccines except on Dingdash, because they get deleted elsewhere.

Debate is a great protector of freedom of speech and that is something DingDash makes possible 🙂

@Berrybunchfamily to be honest, I don't have Facebook, Twitter or even an Instagram account. I have found social media to be biased and toxic. Dingdash is a blessing to the persecuted Church and for that I am grateful and why I signed up.

I suppose you answered my question though, those that want to speak out negative opinions of COVID have no outlets to do so, hence the congregating. I have yet to see anything on the other side but I will keep my eyes open. Maybe I will share from my own experience as a health care professional...

@justschool Share your perspective! And no, there are no real outlets for debate, the only censors are other people - like in real they'll either engage, or not 🙂

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