On the backside of the desert near Horeb is where GOD found Moses faithful in the small things of every day life. Moses was a faithful husband, father, and shepherd day in and day out for 40 years before GOD tapped him on the shoulder to lead his flock out of Egypt! He was 80 years old.
Are you being faithful in the small things? Life may seem repetitious, sometimes frivolous or meaningless, but know ,Father GOD in heaven sees you. So glorify Him by remaining faithful with whatever you've been given! God Bless you.

Get ready for Gun Control Propaganda. Google "mass shootings surge" and see what you get.

When King Saul was tormented by evil spirits, he'd have David come and play his harp because "the Lord was with [David]", then the evil spirits would depart from the king. (1Samuel 16)

The problem was, David eventually would depart from the king as well, and the tormenting spirits would return to King Saul.

We cannot afford to depend on another's anointing, their sacrifice, devotion, or prayer life to make us feel close to GOD.

We must have Him for ourselves! Yes, we must be baptized in His Holy Fire and totally consumed by Him.

"Flies can only land on a cold stove." as Reinhard Bonnke would say

🚨🚨🚨 this is being played out on live tv right now! They are caught!

CNN's conference calls have been HACKED and recorded for Months by Project Veritas. They are releasing their recordings today. They're planning to expose CNN's schemes to brainwash, lie to, and sway their listeners who trust them.
I don't know how legal it was, but this might be interesting.


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