Keep us down in Louisiana in your prayers. Lots of devastation

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@messenjahofchrist 😳 - this is the kind of thing that I would love to share with my family who has bought in hook line and sinker, but they’re so far gone they’ve taken the vaccines, so at this point I guess it would just stress them out if they even believed it 😢

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Prayers for financial miracles needed. The LORD has just told me to sit and believe him for the increase. I would appreciate agreement in prayer.

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****URGENT help needed****

Disastrous floods causing devastation in Zhenghzhou, China as we speak! Already lives have been lost and homes completely destroyed.

Firstly please join us in prayer, that the rain would cease and no more lives lost. Also, just as Jesus met the needs of people around Him, we need to put love & faith into action by sending urgent relief to these precious people.

Details below of how to donate 👇🏻. Updates to follow….

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