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Your spiritual, emotional and mental preparation is key to successfully navigating what is to come.

If nobody warned you, you could lose your mind.

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Happy New Year!

Please see this year's prayer points in the link below.

These are the last days. After this there are no more days. No more nights. The days will have to be shortened for the elect’s sake. We work while it is day because none can work at night. Only the Lord can teach us to number our days and apply wisdom to those days left. These are the last days.

The reader only knows life in the period of history called grace. The reader does not even know life under the period called law. Additionally, the reader has no reference point for life in the pre-law days as Noah’s generation experienced it. So today’s generation is vastly unprepared for life as it was in the days of Noah. The document in the link below helps you understand the challenges ahead and get ready to face them head on.

Thanks for joining us on our prayer journey this year. It was fun to intercept the Adversary's plans while advancing Christ's intent and will. Our focus on global to local issues was necessary to grasp how the big picture impacts life at the local level. There was a real effort to ground our response in sound bible doctrine and not be mere observers of the times. This month's prayer points have been uploaded to the latest edition of the magazine - bâsar.
The topic is God of seeing, Lord of lords.
For those who missed it or did not grasp the connection between the issues, you can review the entire year's prayer intervention in the free, colourful magazine bâsar.
Due to the number of graphics - it may take a little longer to load. Thanks for your patience. Follow the link to your free copy!

October Prayer points:

Unreached ethne: Khampti, Tunni, Bhojpuri Bihari, Garre, Khatri, Kamboh, Jew: Slovak-speaking, Bawean Madurese, Susu, Jew: Serbian-speaking, Maninka, Pulaar, Saudi – Hijazi, Shahari - Jibbali, Mewati, Gujarati, Buriat, Yakut, Kumyk, Bashkir, Tatar, Nogai, , Romanian, Muhamasheen, Machhi, Portuguese, Polish, Maranao, Tausug, Maguindanao, Asheninka,

Sept. prayer points:

Unreached ethne:Mahtam, Tibetan, Mongol, Egyptian, Imazighen, Rif, Makhuwa, Makonde, Rakhine, Shan, Sikkim, Chhetri, Tharu, Dutch Jew, Marma, Monpa, Kachin, Zarma, Wodaabe, Adamawa, Manga, Jalalum, Norwegian Jew, Omani, Awan, Kumhar, Mochi, Baloch Jalbani, Palestinian, Mangrik

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Please keep praying and agreeing with us. I know SE Asia and Malawi are with us.

Unreached Ethne: Matang, Musahar, Brahman, South Asian, Rajput, Nadar, Mochi, Pod, Adi Karnataka, Gilaki, Darzi, Pashtun Yusafzai, Bagdi, Mazhabi, Arab, Berber, Namassej, Mahratta Jadhav, Dhangar Bharwad, Rakhine, Jula, Assamese Mus., Yadav Sadgope

June prayer points

Unreached ethne: Mussali, Vellalan, Turkmen, Murao, Orang Pantai, Dong, Rakhine, Matang, Teli, Naikda, Mazhabi, Oromo, Bouyei, Musahar, Dhangar, Thai Islam, Tarkhan, Maninka, Darzi, Assamese, Sasak, Lao, Tamil, Megh, Pod, Lunia, Mallah, Maravan, Malay, Hazara, Kurd, Uzbek

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