Thanks for joining us on our prayer journey this year. It was fun to intercept the Adversary's plans while advancing Christ's intent and will. Our focus on global to local issues was necessary to grasp how the big picture impacts life at the local level. There was a real effort to ground our response in sound bible doctrine and not be mere observers of the times. This month's prayer points have been uploaded to the latest edition of the magazine - bâsar.
The topic is God of seeing, Lord of lords.
For those who missed it or did not grasp the connection between the issues, you can review the entire year's prayer intervention in the free, colourful magazine bâsar.
Due to the number of graphics - it may take a little longer to load. Thanks for your patience. Follow the link to your free copy!

October Prayer points:

Unreached ethne: Khampti, Tunni, Bhojpuri Bihari, Garre, Khatri, Kamboh, Jew: Slovak-speaking, Bawean Madurese, Susu, Jew: Serbian-speaking, Maninka, Pulaar, Saudi – Hijazi, Shahari - Jibbali, Mewati, Gujarati, Buriat, Yakut, Kumyk, Bashkir, Tatar, Nogai, , Romanian, Muhamasheen, Machhi, Portuguese, Polish, Maranao, Tausug, Maguindanao, Asheninka,

Sept. prayer points:

Unreached ethne:Mahtam, Tibetan, Mongol, Egyptian, Imazighen, Rif, Makhuwa, Makonde, Rakhine, Shan, Sikkim, Chhetri, Tharu, Dutch Jew, Marma, Monpa, Kachin, Zarma, Wodaabe, Adamawa, Manga, Jalalum, Norwegian Jew, Omani, Awan, Kumhar, Mochi, Baloch Jalbani, Palestinian, Mangrik

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Please keep praying and agreeing with us. I know SE Asia and Malawi are with us.

Unreached Ethne: Matang, Musahar, Brahman, South Asian, Rajput, Nadar, Mochi, Pod, Adi Karnataka, Gilaki, Darzi, Pashtun Yusafzai, Bagdi, Mazhabi, Arab, Berber, Namassej, Mahratta Jadhav, Dhangar Bharwad, Rakhine, Jula, Assamese Mus., Yadav Sadgope

June prayer points

Unreached ethne: Mussali, Vellalan, Turkmen, Murao, Orang Pantai, Dong, Rakhine, Matang, Teli, Naikda, Mazhabi, Oromo, Bouyei, Musahar, Dhangar, Thai Islam, Tarkhan, Maninka, Darzi, Assamese, Sasak, Lao, Tamil, Megh, Pod, Lunia, Mallah, Maravan, Malay, Hazara, Kurd, Uzbek

Drum roll please...

MOAMFJ in celebration of God's lavish generosity is pleased to launch Ishah, an online magazine for the next generation of women and girls.

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May the Spirit of God move through our streets convicting of sin, righteousness and judgement those who:
-live by their own law and rule through fear and violence
-use distrust and misbeliefs to undermine relationships
-prey on the weak

And may our streets be restored to righteousness (Isa. 58:12).
In Jesus name we ask.

Unreached ethne: Arora, Boya, Bambara, Kyrgyz, Kalal, Kuruba, Dhanuk, Balinese, Berber, Adi Karnataka, Kurd, Pinjara, Mochi, Vaddar, Kalwar, Bagdi, Kumhar, Namasudra, Bairagi, Rajput, Shilha, Jogi, Zerma, Malay, Moor, Palembang, Palestinian

Not Dead Yet: Beauty, business, and faith at Saddleback Leather (Faith & Co)

Heavenly Father
Your people enjoy life in the land (Ps. 27:13). As Your Workmanship, we remember (Ps. 145:7), testify (Ps. 107:1), & fill the Earth with Your good works (Eph. 2:10).
Our hands are blessed to meet our needs & those of the vulnerable (Eph. 4:28). Your excellence is seen despite our challenges (2 Cor. 4:7-10). The work of Your hands -our good works- are enough to challenge all evil agendas.
Any rule, law or policy benefiting the few, while controlling & robbing the masses of the Earth’s resources, is destroyed in heaven and Earth.
Father raise up faithful & sensible stewards to watch over nations & Your house (Mt. 24:45). Lord raise up godly judges all along the food chain who impede the flow of evil. When they are in trouble may they experience the vastness of Your army (2 Kings 6:17).

lives are being transformed...
“I now understand the way I feel is okay. I was challenged to state where I stand in this relationship. I would tell younger couples always take time to get to know the individual that you choose to spend your life with.”

“I was just sitting there thinking how the Lord Jesus sent you to go through the book, Learning to Live with Fences. I just turned 18 last month-been hospitalized more than 10 times-6 times I attempted suicide and 4 times for unusual behavior-each admissions was 3 to 4 months. I felt depressed, hopeless, neglected by my parents, suicidal. You helped me to cope when you studied and counseled me doing a better job, better than the doctors & nurses themselves.”

“I haven’t been studying the Word. Now I study the Word more, I get more understanding & do a lot of praying & telling others about God.”

“I was so scared with COVID-19, but this is what I prayed for. It was so clear-I took what you taught us & help my friends in their conflicts.”

Praying for unreached ethne: Baggara, Kanembu, Maba, Pashtun, Han Chinese, She, Tujia, Hmu, Zhuang, Miao, Bouyei, Hani, Li, Laluo, Pingdi, Saaroa, Laki, Embera-Baudo, Wiwa, Comorian, Sere, Swahili, Bederia, Malay, Mala, Tatar, Tajik, Thai, Wolof, Awan, Oromo, Jew, Rajbanshi, Namasudra, Bania, Dosadh, Brahman, Tamil, Bhangi, Mina, Java Pesisir Kulon, Tihami, Fula Jalon, Banjar, Aceh, Arab, Chhetri, Gujar, Turkmen, Gilaki, Mazanderani, Shan, Ansari, Algerian, Tanti,

In this section we track answers to our prayer.
(Feb God’s generosity)
Video: Ukrainian Christians singing - All My Life You Have Been Faithful
(Apr God’s grace/discipleship)
SCJ Sotomayor replaced. SCJ Clarence Thomas poisoned with thallium, mis-diagnosed, left to worsen, and declared dead. An intervention was made that saved his life. He recently rejoined the bench. Roe vs. Wade will be overturned in Jesus name!
Whoever wants this generation the most will get them.

Heavenly Father we declare we are not:
disciples of self
we neither pervert truth nor raise up disciples of our own selves Acts 20:30

disciples of satan
we are not of the synagogue of satan Rev. 2:9
we neither teach nor learn the teachings of satan Rev. 2:24
we test every spirit and can capably discern the Spirit of God from the spirit of antiChrist 1 John 4:1-3
we abide in Christ, identify deceptive spirits and reject what demons teach 1 Tim. 4:1

disciples of money
we do not follow money Mt. 6:24
but flee the love of money 1 Tim. 6:10,11; Jude 11
our love is demonstrated by where we spend our time, invest and whose commands we follow
our success and prosperity comes from You Lord as we think of and obey Your Word Josh. 1:8
our goal is to be rich in good deeds 1 Tim. 6:9,18
in so doing we avoid being PIERCED 1 Tim. 6:10


Heavenly Father

We approach You in Jesus name. We understand You by Your work (Rom. 1:20) and know You through Your Son (John 17:3).
As nations call for justice, we call for grace - grace is always ahead (Jer. 9:24; Rom. 5:20).
We are concerned about a worrying trend - large sums of money continue to spread lies (Mt. 28:15).
Let there be Ezras, Priscillas and Aquillas to teach the whole counsel of God among all tribes (Acts 20:21).
As we sit at Your feet (Luke 10:39) to learn (Mt. 11:29) we declare we are disciples of Christ:
slaves who are loyal to Him Mt. 6:24
loving and obeying Him John 14:15
pursuing righteousness, godliness, faithfulness, love, steadfastness and gentleness 1 Tim. 6:11
in obedience actively raising up other disciples of Christ Mt. 28:18=20

we declare we are not:
disciples of self
we love Christ with our entire being Mk 12:30,31
we love ourselves in equal measure to our love for others 2 Tim 3:2

-Genocide cont’d
Heavenly Father save & deliver the Uyghurs & the Rohingya
Destroy all weapons/plans targeting ethne
Destroy its evil funding & market
Bring the profiteers to swift shame & justice
We place additional resources to discipling tribes

-Organ harvesting & the human trade
Lord we oppose every evil trade, its financiers & profiteers (Rev 18:11-13)
Expose & hinder their evil plans
May they repent of their sins and be saved
Deliver & heal every victim
Destroy every evil holding facility

These things we ask if it is Your will
In Jesus name. AMEN

Video: In His Image
Genesis 1:26,27
ICR, the Institute for Creation Research

Unreached ethne: Viswakarma, Hausa, Nau Buddh, Kahar, Pasi, Thai, Koiri, Kayashta, Madiga, Mongol, Sonar, Kashmiri, Sayyid, Baloch, Nair, Mahratta Kunbi, Gujar, Lodha, Gadaria, IIavan, Banjara, Brahman, Vakhaliga, Minangkabau, Badhi, Bugis, Bhoi, Kurd, Kachhi, Kanuri

Mar. prayer points
Heavenly Father,
As pillar and foundation of truth (1 Tim 3:15) seated in heavenly places (Eph 2:6), what we censor You censor (Mt. 16:19). As image bearers we are concerned about:
May Roe vs. Wade be overturned in heaven and Earth
From today, Lucifer should not receive human & human blood sacrifices
Human fetal tissue from today must not be used for experiments, manufacturing (senomyx) etc.
Destroy this evil market & its funding Lord
Bless Hungary
We bring the biomedical, neutraceutical, herbal & pharmaceutical industries under the Lordship of Christ (Rev 11:15)

Father we will continue to look after the weak, disabled & elderly
Shine light on evil plans (Eph 5:11,12)
Overturn all laws and plans making murder convenient & acceptable

-Gene Therapy
Destroy every attempt to alter the DNA of humans
Destroy its funding, planning & programs

Lord by the Word of Your power (Heb 1:3) preserve nations, tribes & tongues

Feb. Prayer points: Mt 24:14
-Unreached ethne-Han Chinese, Hui, Khmer, Pashtun, Koli, Dhobi, Arab, Yemeni, Fulani, Shaikh, Vanniyan, Uyghur (genocide), Nai, Jat, Ansari, Arain, Kazakh, Sinhalese, Mahishya,Tujia, Lingayat, Mali, Mappila, Lohar, Mahar, Azerbaijani, Santal, Java Banyumasan,Tajik, Madura, Somali, Kurd

-God's generosity made known

-Only 1 race

Video: One blood, one race Ken Ham
Acts 17:16-33
Answers in Genesis

Happy new year!

Once every month (Feb-Nov) a prayer will be posted to you. If you agree you may say/type AMEN. You may also add to it.

Heavenly Father,

We are grateful...
-heaven belongs to You, the earth belongs to us Ps 115:16
-for Your righteous rulings Ps 119:164
-this year to dwell in Your courts, we will be satisfied with goodness from Your house Ps 65:4
-for the bride without spot, blemish or wrinkle Eph 5:27. She is glorious and wears her crowns well.
Lord the hairs are known Luk 12:7, the territories & periods of human civilizations are fixed Act 17:26. You alone satisfy the desire of all Ps 145:16.
In this year we ask that the bond, free, Jew, Gentile, Barbarian, Scythian, Greek, male, female, of every nation, tribe & tongue will clearly see & and understand (Rom 1:20) Your lavish generosity to them. May your goodness lead them to repentance Rom 2:4.
In Jesus name

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