Torben Sondergaard, the founder of The Last Reformation- movement have been in jail in Florida for 48 days now because of false accusations. First they accused him of smuggling weapons 🤯 from Mexico to USA (TLR had a Kickstart-event in Mexico so they travelled there often), but after some time they said they don't accuse him of that anymore. His lawyers tried to get him out on bail, but were shocked to found out they gave him no chance to get out. Finally they handled him a paper with covid restrictions that said they will keep him in jail because of covid rules: there was written that they need to keep him locked in because of obesity (to protect that HE doesn't get covid)! 🤯🤯 The guard had looked at Torben and said: "you have not obesity!" then handled him the paper and walked away. Torbens updates from jail is to be found on YouTube. In this last update Torben is highly recommending Brother Yuns book Heavenly man which he has found encouraging for himself.

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