What is Bioengineered food and why is this an abomination? How does this fit the beast system? Why is Bioengineered food manipulated in a lab, in your food? VCAST


How will you be tied into the fourth industrial revolution? How will you be tied to the internet of things? How will you merge with man and machine? Vcast to share.


Bill Gates admits nano tech in the vaccines. Is there a way to disable / neutralize nano tech in you? This vcast discusses some interesting insights about cleaning yourself from the vaccine nano tech self assembling machines. Research it..

Embrace the journey of pursuing Christ. Brother Larry's powerful message urges us to shed the old self, embrace righteousness, and prioritize spiritual growth. Trust in God's sovereignty and find strength in His love amidst life's challenges. Bible Stuy

Moon is turning blood red according to NASA and they don't know why. Beyond the warning sign from above, what does the occult think of the April 8th eclipse? Has Satan been kicked out of heaven? Must listen and share.


Digital Zombie – Apple Vision Pro is Priming the AI Anti Christ System
Apple Vision Pro is part of a bigger playbook to link you into the hive mind. This vcast connects the dots and demonstrates the big picture of the beast system, iron mixed in clay or graphene mixed in you. The seeds of men will not cleave. Men will seek death and not find it. We are seeing digital zombie heads and will get more strange as we go along. sjwellfire.com/virtual-reality

Ebola Vaccine Shedding - will it be used for Disease X and really about the nano tech in you from the poke? Must listen.. Final Days Report 314

12 reasons to keep or buy an old car. Reduce your enslavement. Remember, SMART anything including a car = your Enslavement. Final Days Report 313.


Evidence the topography of the uSA is being mapped just like what we saw in Maui before the odd fires. Primed before the invasion? Final Days Report 310


White hat psyop, MSN - Megan Kelly is hinting Epstein is alive. We think he is alive by why? What is the psyop? Final Days Report 308


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