Years ago (when Obama was in office) I had a dream the anti Christ was hit with a large object on his left shoulder and his head was placed on a super computer. Next he showed up as a hologram around the world (dream link This post is about Satan's Fake Trinity that is self evident when you hear how the elite will know your thoughts. It's a bit controversial but it makes sense with the desperation to poke you. It is the fourth beast system that Iron (graphene oxide) mixed in clay = you... Your the temple of God. Satan's Fake Trinity

I've had a theory the 10 Kingdoms of Revelation are somehow linked to Tech companies that will have one mind. It fits the transhumanism agenda that is Iron (graphene oxide mixed in clay - spoken of by Daniel. MSN is pushing for these Tech companies that hat Christ to join the UN. Wow. We cover some food research that is deemed healthy that is a war on beef. Also, we cover how Biden wants to blanket the Gulf with wind mills to power only 2% of the homes in the USA . Must listen.

Evil. Did we see a school false flag to launch drones in schools? Latest podcast. Plus we cover Mastercard pay with your face and palm. Beast tech training. Must listen and share.

Next false flag to prep for. Many dreams about grid going down but this time more rolling. I think it is war on small business and food.

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