How to spot a right wing psyop to take your rights plus the FCC war on the net. Freedom of Speech is being targeted more than ever.

DNA war. As the days of Noah. Seeds of men will not cleave. Predictive programing. Must watch saying reptilian's dna is in you.

Russell Brand rape claim, what is the angle to bring in the Social Credit Score. Let the courts handle it. Must listen on the agenda.

Bible Study, Why was David on the Run from Saul? Lesson for the days we are living in. Must listen and share...

Bill Gates Watch. Fake mRNA salt (God's creation defiled). Deforest 70 million acres to save the planet. Invests in tick research, now people are allergic to beef from a tick bite. Says farmers are causing climate change yet he is buying up the farm land. Crisper Cas 9 COW defile investor. No flesh will be left. List goes on. Must share and listen.

China to rewrite the Bible in 10 years. Many of tried all of failed. China will be cursed. Bible study that fits this same narrative to destroy God's Word.

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