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You don't need to be a member of MENSA to understand that there are something called cause and effect. Suddenly a lot of people suffer from 'sudden adult death syndrome. And it's so mysterious with all these sudden deaths, among both ordinary people and professional athletes. Why didn't that happen 2 years ago? 🤔

This girl is incredible! Her brain must be a little differently vired... 😀 I don't understand how some people can be fluent in more than four or five languages. She learned Korean by watching movies. She's truly dedicated to learning new languages, but she must have a great memory and talent. I studied German in school (an hour a week for five years), but I can't speak it. I understand some. I understand Norwegian and Danish. I can communicate in English and Finnish, and my mother tongue is Swedish. But I've been frustrated that I'm totally fluent only in Swedish. I suppose you need to be immersed with a language to become fluent - hear it for hours every day and speak it daily. I try to pick up basic French from Instagram tutors, but I've come to the conclusion it's too complicated to learn on my own... I would need a course. I would love to learn other languages, but it's not my strongest talent... 😅

This is a screenshot from an IG reel. Is it still that bad in Canada, or are there differences between different districts?

I found this in the IG feed. It was shared by another person, so I don't know who this woman is. But only her new picture makes her testimony trustworthy enough.

I want to watch this documentary by Matt Walsh! Who thought a few decades ago that Westerners would lose the ability to define what a man and a woman is? Crazy times!

We have a few tomato plants in our greenhouse and the first tomatoes are growing.

I'm so proud of our Finnish hockey boys (called the Lions) who won the World Championship! Again, a small country (5,5 million people), with not as much money as Canada and the US to train young players.
1. FIN 🇫🇮
2. CAN 🇨🇦
3. CZE 🇨🇿
4. USA 🇺🇸

Biking in our neighborhood before rain, and before the World Championship final ice hockey match against Canada that starts in an hour. This is the most beautiful time of the year when nature is bursting with flowers and colors. The fruit trees haven't blossomed yet. (The windmill is from 1809, and the red buildings are maybe 100 years or older... We have many uninhabited houses in our village, but they are not allowed to be teared down because they are protected).

Finland 🇫🇮 just won over the USA 🇺🇸 in the semi final in Ice Hockey World Championship. Tomorrow we will play in the final match, and the USA will fight for bronze. In a few hours it will be finalized which team will play against Canada 🇨🇦 and which team will play against Czech Republic 🇨🇿. This is so exciting, since ice hockey is maybe the biggest sport in our country!

This comedy is almost too real... It's funny and sad. Poor kids.

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