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Please watch and I believe this to be a sincere warning for Nov 2020 from those who have credible sources connected to Glenn Becks affiliates. I realize he is a Mormon, so we cannot rely on him for spiritual guidance and must be discerning against what the Spirit of Jesus and Scripture teach us. However, I believe that what he is sharing in this open source film is valid. Please watch this with your loved ones... we’re really close to a very dark time in US country

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These are the beginnings of Jesus clearly laid out timeline in Mark 13 and Matthew 24

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One official church wanted to hold a Christmas event. This form has a stamp of all of the departments that had to approve it first.

This is how we celebrate Christmas in the states...

From Hunters house to yours!!!

Instead of making statements or taking action on the communists, this instead is the messaging to the peeps. Get ready, cause he’s going to walk away from this mess and leave us holding the Biden colostomy bag.

How many are planning on meeting up on January 6th in Washington, DC?

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"Passion Of The Christ" Actor James Caviezel Quotes President Reagan's Words, with a passion: "We are at WAR with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from "The Swamp" to the stars...."

"Set yourselves apart. Be saints! You aren't made to fit in. You were born to stand out!"

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Mike, take a look and let’s let some people comment on these photo comparison.

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🙏🏼 12 Days of Christmas Prayers 🙏🏼

ON THE SEVENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS my Savior gave to me, a lamentation for the people of Somalia.

"In Somalia, children are starving, people are suffering, and the nation is constantly fighting against famine."

Join us in praying below:

Happy to see the MSM published an article about these fake items were investigated by our federal govt😬...

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