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BTJ Filming testimony for her explosive new book SHACKLED, due out on March 8, 2022

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This week Tymoteusz (Tim) joins the podcast to share about the house church movement in Poland that is bringing about a powerful revival.



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95% of Christians have never lead someone to Jesus. And 61% don't regularly share their faith.

There is a need for more people who would be willing to share the message of Jesus with others. Jesus' final command must become our first concern.

Red sky at night... 🔥
(I recently learnt some people say "red sky at night, sailors delight" instead of "red sky at night, shepherds delight"... it ruined my day)

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Do you think the cultural war against gender is new?
NO! the Communist Party in China launched massive campaigns saying that there were NO differences between men and women in the 1950s. It was ALL just a social construct of the male patriarchy.
Sound familiar?
When this ideology was embraced in China, the results were deadly

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Here in ancient Babylon, it hits me why the Tower of Babel NOT ONLY went against God's first command, BUT was a pre-emptive strike against the Great Commission.

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BTJ Prayer Bear making it's way out of Iraq.
BTJ Prayer Bears are handmade by women in Iraq that were hit hardest when ISIS invaded. Every bear has the name of the woman that made as a reminder for children and their parents to pray for the persecuted church.

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Few even notice, but the negative impact on Christian missionaries from this new proposal is H-U-G-E.

Great food, GREAT people 🙌🏼
(this is what happens when you let @sinbach order for the table... so. much. food)

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Visiting brick factory workers (slaves) in Pakistan. Injustice is happening here at an unimaginable scale. Most of the slaves are Christians, but more and more Muslims fall into the trap of lawless debts and finally land in the factories for a lifetime. This is a huge picture with many details. It is also an opportunity to reach Muslim community in the brick factories with the delivering message of the Gospel. We are praying to hear from God, how to address those two needs (need for Gospel and need for social justice) in a practical and effective way.

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There are so many things I can do in my life that are pleasing to my soul. But when I please the Lord it is my spirit that is satisfied.

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Has the Taliban mistakenly opened a back door for underground house church missionaries into Afghanistan? Perhaps so and this is how...

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We have had a crazy couple of weeks here!

We were able to spend some time with a young person and give them a Bible. So exciting!

However here in China, it’s getting harder and harder all the time for us and our Chinese brothers and sisters.

One thing that has really irked me lately is how many Americans and Canadians are crying out “ our country is communist now”

And here were are in China shaking our heads saying “ ummm nope! Your nothing like here!”

Maybe things could head that way but for now it’s nothing like living in a country with millions of cameras tracking every move, guards everywhere, police everywhere, and a gov always watching, citizen credit scores, etc., social pressure that is absolutely intense, 99% conviction rate, and you can get life in prison for stealing a bike if they feel like it.

Just a few thoughts.
China is filled with beautiful people. Precious souls. They suffer here more than you know.


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THIS YEAR - The BTJ vision is 100 years old and the Communist Party is 100 years old.
Which one has been been a blessing to the nation of China?

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How can the life of one little girl touch so many people around the world?
Live interview with Ava Bright Lee's mother. An incredible story of hope, loss, pain, faith, but most of all - love.

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Good news! 🙌

How China is Paving the Way for Missionaries in Afghanistan - BTJ


>Today, because of China’s unique influence on Afghanistan, Chinese citizens are also well protected by the Taliban. The Taliban do not want Chinese citizens to be harmed for fear that it might challenge their relationship with Beijing. It might be possible that there has never been a better time to be a Chinese missionary serving in Afghanistan – and Afghanistan needs the Gospel message like never before.

Please continue to pray for the nation of Afghanistan, and the missionaries serving there.


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