I painted this baby penguin for my niece , last week, I havent seen her in nearly 3 years (because of ongoing issues with my muslim family). I was told it's her favourite animal and apparently she loves it! πŸ’• I've made this painting into prints and will make it into a greeting card soon, God willing πŸ’• hope you like it :)

@Cherishingsparrows2020 awww thank you! Baby penguins are very sweet! When I was researching photos for reference, I saw mist babies are so fluffy their feet just kind of stick out and dont touch the ground, its really sweet hehe!

@Anisah I'm sorry you haven't seen your niece for so long. I will pray Jesus breaks the walls of satan and bring salvation to your family. My heart hurts for you.

@MaryMamuzich thank you dear sister, your prays are so much appreciated!! So much !!! There has been a lot of pain, She's very precious to me. Praying for the Lord to save them too, for His Glory πŸ’•

@Anisah sending hugs!!! I'll keep praying for your family ❀️

@Anisah Great witness brother. Actions speak louder than words. She will see this always. A great reminder.

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