Deadly Floods in Afghanistan Claim More Than 60 Lives – URGENT Help Needed

Deadly floods smashed regions of Afghanistan last week, according to our partners on the ground.

The capital city, Kabul, the Maidan Wardak, and Ghazni provinces have all seen massive torrents of flash floods destroying houses, wrecking crops, and killing livestock. According to unconfirmed reports on the ground, more than 60 people have lost their lives in the floods.

This comes at a time when the nation is still reeling from the economic disaster of the Taliban takeover. Afghanistan is suffering from war, drought, famine, and tyrannical Islamic rule. On top of that, they are now suffering from floods.

BTJ is sending emergency funding to our partners.

Help is urgently needed. To help with this effort please click below. 100% of all donated funds will be sent to Afghanistan to help the flood victims.

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