Ok! Somebody actually challenged @sinbach to a Christian/Buddhism debate - and Eugene accepted.
Let's hope that the other side will show up and that this conversation will bring life & Godly love 😃

(link to Youtube: youtu.be/2l6vkyCiqgU )

Most of you already know the GateKeeper program, but some of you might not!
Sooo... if you want to join the fight and become an active supporter of the BTJ Missionaries please see the full info here (check out the great perks!):

@Backtojerusalem Father in Heaven I pray you bless and encourage and provide for the believers in India which are being attacked! I pray the attackers will experience God’s love thru the believers and many come to repentance and salvation! Father guide the congregations as to what to do!

This is important.
I'm not saying this "was" important.
This is important today,
for you.
What is you calling?
What is the biggest dream that the Lord had placed in your heart?


The testimony of Mai Fu Ren. A man whose life was changed by the Bible at a time when it was illegal in China, and he devoted his life to sharing it with the rest of his country at a time when it would and did cost him his freedom.

Mai Fu Ren spent 30 years in Chinese prisons for delivering Bibles to fellow believers.


The Back to Jerusalem Canada Tour with Brother Yun begins this weekend! We look forward to seeing you at one of the events.

So this just happened.
Our family just grew a little bigger. 🥳

The book of the prophet Zechariah tells us that the Mount of Olives will split in half when Jesus comes back and touches it. In the last months, we have witnessed a situation that helps to put this prophecy in a tangible perspective.


Another sign of the End Times?! 😮

On Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a unique center representing the top three Abrahamic faiths of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism has opened. This is the only place in the world where a synagogue, church, and mosque reside together as a multi-faith center of worship.

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