well I kept going until my family started recovering from their various stages of colds (and the virus @TakeN had which I also managed to miss)

Now I'm in bed with no voice, and a bad head cold. And, right now, I have no voice whatsoever, beyond a hoarse whisper!

But, Praise God because I was able to lead worship yesterday morning at church. And they said we sounded good...which is a miracle...'cos we didn't sound good to us 😆

It was my first time for them, and my first time time doing a normal worship set since we led worship for Amesbury Baptist Church (Wiltshire, UK) when they had been locked out of their building by the Military due to Novichok (so glad we were local back then, and could support them with a PA system we had).

With a really dodgy voice even yesterday morning, I pulled on all 35 years of practicing, and it was a joy to hear the congregation making a joyful noise to the Lord.

Andy B

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