@sinbach socialist could be nice. The first christians was kind of socialist they put all in common and nobody was missing something

@kaleb @sinbach DUDE, no, no,no. My country barelly managed to leave socialism.
After 40 years socialism brought only economical, environmental, mental, social & spiritual DESTRUCTION.
We are 30 years after leaving this anti-God system and still struggling with the social damage.
Please, in the name of Jesus, re-think your statement.
First Christians were NEVER socialistic, in Jerusalem they sold what they had, but they distributed acording to needs and socialism is about so called "equal distibution", this never works.
We, the Polish people are a living testimony of the socialistic horrors.

@tymektt @kaleb I personally believe that the first disciples were not socialist, they were part of a co-op. What is the difference? The difference is simply this - socialism is mandatory, co-op is volunteer. When governments become socialist, they enforce equal distribution through threat of force. When the early Christians joined together, it was from desire, not from force. Jesus did not force His disciples to join - in fact many chose to leave the group (John 6:66).
I write about this in our book CHINA AND END TIME PROPHECY when comparing the Communist Party to the JESUS FAMILY. The Jesus Family in China was made up of believers that volunteered to live together and distribute everything. The Communist Party believed in the same idea of equal distribution, but they did it through force. The fatal flaw of socialism is that the heart of man cannot be forced. It MUST choose.
Perhaps this is why socialist nations are more anti-Israel and anti-Christian???

@sinbach @tymektt

Disciple are forced to share and give. Read Actes 5
Ananias didn't do it and died.

@kaleb @tymektt we are going to have to disagree, because scripture is clear it was a choice. Acts 5 is not about force, it's about deception and lies. Ananias could have kept everything. it was his to give, but he took credit for something he didn't do. "Whilst it remained, was it not thine own???? and after it was sold, was it not in thine own power???? why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart? thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God!!!" its great to have a debate, but let's pls not pretend that one of us understands the Bible more than the other by telling one to read something.

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