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Back To Jerusalem / BTJ's
Reaching the Gulags
(30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

In the West, it has been talked about in the congregations, daily devotionals etc., that it's just like "we take a pill from the medical cabinet" for our daily need, and then there is a sermon about that topic and discussions.

In other places, they literally need PILL BIBLES, pill-sized, motion-powered (!) Holographic Bibles to get the message out, this is what I call innovation and EAGERNESS to SHARE and, in many ways "devour" the word of God! (It CAN actually be swallowed, it was made like that! And it is motion-powered... wow... listen here:)


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If during one season we seem like a complete failure that does not define our future works with and for Lord Jesus.
Mark the Evangelist.


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Looking back at this podcast about the methods of China spying on... everybody.
3 years into the future and now it is even more relevant!


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@Backtojerusalem Father in Heaven I pray you bless and encourage and provide for the believers in India which are being attacked! I pray the attackers will experience God’s love thru the believers and many come to repentance and salvation! Father guide the congregations as to what to do!

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A thank you note of tears from the brothers and sisters of Manipur.
was the first to send some financial help, while others were working on a 'safer way to provide assistance.
Our team member took the risk and used his personal account to provide food for severely affected families.

One of them a widow ,who was struggling to purchase some supplies for the family, cried over the phone, as she was emotionally overwhelmed by the unexpected help from us.

Now slowly help from International groups are reaching the borders. Under increased surveillance from the hostile Hindu government, all are finding it difficult to reach the center of calamity.
found few loopholes and using it to stand with the persecuted Church.
Please continue to pray.
( pictures are from open source. Now in tears, in happier times they would have danced in their traditional dress, during these summer months, after the harvest).

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Most of you already know the GateKeeper program, but some of you might not!
Sooo... if you want to join the fight and become an active supporter of the BTJ Missionaries please see the full info here (check out the great perks!):

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So here it is. My first ever 8x10 pinhole camera image taken on an. ISO glass plate yesterday for world pinhole photography day. This is a 4 hour exposure of the sun's path on 30th April 2023 as seen from my deck in Portobello Dunedin New Zealand. Developed under a safelight using adonal at a 1:50 dilution. #pinholephotography #NewZealand

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The testimony of Mai Fu Ren. A man whose life was changed by the Bible at a time when it was illegal in China, and he devoted his life to sharing it with the rest of his country at a time when it would and did cost him his freedom.

Mai Fu Ren spent 30 years in Chinese prisons for delivering Bibles to fellow believers.


It always gets me when I hear Brother Yun singing "Jesus Loves You!" 🥰🥰🥰

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So this just happened.
Our family just grew a little bigger. 🥳

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The book of the prophet Zechariah tells us that the Mount of Olives will split in half when Jesus comes back and touches it. In the last months, we have witnessed a situation that helps to put this prophecy in a tangible perspective.


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Another sign of the End Times?! 😮

On Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a unique center representing the top three Abrahamic faiths of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism has opened. This is the only place in the world where a synagogue, church, and mosque reside together as a multi-faith center of worship.

Read more here:

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