Open Doors 2022 update of the Global Persecution map is here.
North Korea is NOT in the 1st place on the list anymore...
Check it out.


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@tymektt @Backtojerusalem @sinbach, thankyou, thankyou for sharing this. There is such a rich fellowship you offer us in the spiritually famished west! I listened while preparing dinner for my family and wept and rejoiced, and felt the wind of God's Spirit blowing in my kitchen! ❤️

Recently Brother Yun, Brother Ren and Brother Eugene had visited our city. We'll be publishing videos from this meeting(s) during next 5 weeks.
For the English speaking people - start at 00:10:49 🙂 (Fabian did an extended introduction)


thank you @Backtojerusalem & @sinbach

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It’s been a hard journey and could not have gotten this far without your prayers! Thank you Dr. Hivi! I can honestly say that God sent me an Angel for a Doctor here in Kurdistan.

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This Back to Jerusalem podcast episode is absolute worth listening to! In addition to the interesting life story of a Polish man, it's really interesting to hear them unpack the gospel, grace and the practical consequences of the reality of the indwelling Christ. If you think this conversation is about bashing Catholics, you have come to the wrong podcast. In every Christian belief system there are Christians who wholeheartedly want to serve the Lord, who are humble and with a servants heart, BUT they live under the slavery of religious systems. They talk about how protestants might be living even more under legalism and heavy burdens than Catholics.

"In this podcast, Fabian, a former witch, turned Jesuit Priest, turned follower of Jesus, shares his dynamic testimony of how his journey in life has taken him from practicing magic to being born again.
Fabian tells how The Heavenly Man, the biography of Brother Yun, impacted his life dramatically."


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In case the first baptism wears off after only a few months.

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@Knittinggrace I am sorry! Thank you for pointing out the same.

As my friends trust me with information, they need to be protected. Especially their country and location, etc
We are forced to withhold specific details, which can endanger the lives of my coworkers.
We cannot compromise on security, as in rural communities persecution goes on for years. However if the persecution is from civil authorities, legal challenges will go on for decades.
With digital technology, it is easy to track down individuals anywhere in the world.

We don't want to divert our energy and resources to defend ourselves.
We are on the offensive side, winning souls, discipling them , baptizing and sending them out on a daily basis.
I am happy for you friends, who live in free countries. (Some of you).
Hope you are praying for us?
@MaryMamuzich Thank you for your prayers
@Olamide Thank you for the laughter you bring in
Love and regards to all DD friends.

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My two dear friends talking about a super sensitive topic.
This specific podcast is like fresh napalm! Enjoy!


Legalistic and self-righteous believers have this unique talent to tear apart all the decent conversations (mostly on Facebook, but even here on Ding Dash) bringing to the table nothing else but condemnation.
So... dear Brother, dear Sister, if you are a target in social media:
Stay strong, do the thing you were called to do, do not get distracted by anonymous people attacking you.
I'll be praying for extra strength and patience for you - just let me know.
@Will @bethany @Olamide @Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter @Berrybunchfamily @sinbach @MaryMamuzich

Have a good day DD! Not writing more... need to put my glove back on 🤣

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- 12°C , my car engine started at 2nd attempt. yay! finally some real winter.
Yes, we still keep our bedroom window a little open during the night 😉

Time to reengage the "Walking with Tim" picture series 🤩

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