Biblical things happening all over the world?
What the heck is happening in Poland and Germany?
The Oder river had been poisoned, SO MUCH that in a few weeks our government had declared an emergency and said that NO ONE should get close to the water (see the map of the regions with alerts).
20 tons of dead fish had been recovered from the river so far (just on the Polish side).

So what will happen when the real poison will hit the Earth...

Revelation 8:11
"The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter."

In Polish "Pan da" means "The Lord will give".
I'm sure that this piece of information will revolutionize your life.

Have you seen this?
Check out the trailer.
This movie is a mind-blasting, heart tearing and tear squeezing masterpiece of war & rescue documentary

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Anyone struggling right now, wondering if God has a plan for your life, if you are a believer, should ask the question. How could He not?

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@tymektt chasing revival is one of my favorite books. It brought to life things I wondered about and excited me about God's doing in the affairs of man

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@bethany Dear Sis..My Mother passed in June...had her funeral last Friday...not a good time for me.
But I have my Joy back!!!

From "3 weeks to flatten the curve" to the brink of World War 3...
humanity, always messing stuff up.
Let's go Chasing Revival!!!

You can worship in all the different styles 💣

rough translation of the chorus:
"I have neither a sword nor a rifle in my hand. I stand unarmed outside the walls of Babylon. I am invoking the power of the Spirit. The spirit comes on fire. Only the ruins of Babylon remain of the walls."


Since at least March 2022 I'm being targetted by Canada Imigration ads, from different companies.
Nope, I'm not falling on this one! 🤣

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@tymektt my sister's father was a survivor of the camps . A polish man who lied and said he was Czech only reason he wasn't killed.

Did you know that 120 000 Polish refugees from Russian WW2 labor camps were taken in by Iran after 1941?

Here is a testimony of one of them:
“Life in Iran was quiet and peaceful. In 1943, I joined the Association of Polish Scouts. I studied English. Isfahan, the city of my youth, was beautiful. We got to know the customs of the Persians, taking what was good for ourselves. We were driven to the swimming pool and the bathhouse twice a week. Archbishop Marina has hired seven coaches to allow us to visit the wonderful old Isfahan monuments. Time was spent studying, scouting exercises and Polish folk dances in regional costumes. We organized "Jasełek" and performed in the theater. We were often visited by various dignitaries, church and lay people - there was also the Shah of Iran with his entourage."

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While preparing our next video I'm going through some "303 Squadron" documentaries.

Looking up to those heroes, I want to be at least as dedicated to the Great Comission as they were dedicated to defending England.

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@tymektt @sinbach
Check the note in the order. They should make it a proper fund.

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@tymektt @sinbach I would def travel all the way to Poland for a piece!! ....oh, yes, and the company of you and your family!! ( I'm in need of that baby girls hug!)

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So the time has come... enough of those shurikens, time to be a propper Ding Dash Ninja.🙅‍♂️
@sinbach @bethany @Olamide @MaryMamuzich @Kruselady @tanjaostman @Berrybunchfamily

Hey @Will , you should catch up 🔥🥰🤩

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