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@bethany @Cherishingsparrows2020 @HimalayanShepherd @DevotionalTreasures @Berrybunchfamily @Toolman @weavers4jesus @tymektt @sinbach DingDash def cradles a person in need of prayer. When I was in need of prayer I could feel the praying hand upon me and I rested in the arms of our Father. Another amazing thing!!! When my daughter, Lisa, was in the hospital I ask Jesus to surround her bed with angels and keep her safe. Weeks after Lisa was out of the hospital my sister-in-law told me that while she prayed for Lisa the Lord gave her a vision of angels around her bed!!
Jesus is love.

Interesting ... Polish media had removed all the covid related coverage from the headlines. I'm going from shop to shop without a mask, nobody seems to care anymore (even though it is still mandatory to cover your face indoors). You can feel the "getting back to normal" atmosphere. But I'm a bit of a skeptic... How is it in other countries?

@maciek_turlejski welcome to DingDash! Good to see you here Brother!

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@tymektt 6 months already??? How can that be? It fun when they start asking, "What's that?"
She'll be a toddler before you know it!

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Good morning DingDash! Take care! Stay strong in the Lord as He cares for you!

What level of Bible training is most appopriate for children?

Good morning to all the Dings and Dashes 😉 Another 6km with 6kg of baby Junia carried in a sling. Love you guys. Stay sharp! Shields up 😎

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@tymektt - a very timely encouragement for me! thanks for sharing the image and these words

Good morning DingDash! After an extended weekend I went back to my morning walks 🤩 I pray that you guys will thrive and overcome whatever situation you are facing right now.

1Kin 18:44: "On the seventh look, he said, "Look! There's a cloud, a small one, about the size of a man's hand. It's coming up out of the sea!" "Get up and find Ahab!" Elijah said. "Tell him, «Mount your chariot and ride down the mountain so the storm doesn't stop you.»""

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3 days, 600 brothers & sisters, no masks, no social distancing. A lot of repentance.

I've just learned that my country is a major human trafficking hub.... 😤

Things are happening 😍 I'm on a biggest Christian meeting since 2019... I will share more after it's finished and everybody goes his way 😉

Road trip day! (I still don't know how to rotate pictures on Dingdash). I'm going for a 3 day Christian meeting - few hundred people are going to show up despite current conditions and limitations. I will keep you posted 😉

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