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As Lent is 40 days, starting this coming Wednesday, I’m releasing now for free download at a book I wrote called “Experiencing Jesus through Peter” which consists of 40 days of readings and selected music with links to Spotify. This is a new look at the Apostle Peter’s amazing life for me that I’m sharing with you. There’s a shout out to @sinbach on Day 9!

This book on Paul (60 days of content) is available now (free) at

My post today at is about how God leads us in triumphal procession when we abide in Christ

This tree on Kuhlman street is on our usual neighborhood walking route. This week my wife pointed out that it has 3 different colored flowers. The street down is Powers St. Another street I’m always passing is Seymour Ave.

My post today at is on Paul’s discussion on suffering, healing, and the promises of God in his opening to 2 Corinthians

My post today at is on Paul’s discussion on God’s love with the Corinthian church

My post today at is about the Apostle Paul’s teachings on the supernatural within communion and spiritual gifts

My post today at is about we in the church as God’s temple, His fellow workers, and His stewards

Here’s a photo of me with my younger daughter Eliana, who is nearly 18 and about to finish her first year of college. (Location: The Prince’s Head, Richmond, UK)

Here’s a photo of me and my oldest daughter recently. Hannah is 22. She joined me in Italy, making the trip much more fun. (Location: Riva del Garda)

I’m excited about my post today at that’s about the mind of Christ given to us when we commit to follow Him

My post today at is about the Apostle Paul’s extraordinary ministry in the big city of Ephesus

Some photos from our trip to Italy this week (myself and my oldest, Hannah)

My post today at is on excerpts from Paul’s letters to the Thessalonian church

My post today at is about minds that were changed and churches built up as the Apostle Paul completed his second missionary journey

That we can stir up or fan into flame the gift of God in us, the Spirit of God—amazing. What a trust. (2 Timothy 1)

A good Sunday! I’ve made it to the home stretch in writing through Paul’s life— 2 Timothy. I also heard some pretty amazing testimonies today about the power of God (wow!). Also found out my 22 yr old daughter planned to join me when I go to Italy next week which will make the trip way more enjoyable than a solo trip!

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