@Lindseyay Well, better to just tell the truth: it's time to go home; time to turn off the tv, etc.

Many kids do take these "little white lies" to heart and are devastated when they find out the truth. My older children once told a little girl there was no tooth fairy and the girl said, "There is because my mommy told me!" Then she went crying all the way home. I took her home and explained what happened to her mother. Really sad and totally unnecessary - and all the mother's (and father's) fault.

@Knittinggrace @Lindseyay Agreed. My husband and I want our children to know that we will tell them the truth. We want them to be able to trust us from the very beginning. Some children are devastated when they discover they were lied to, while others seem to be unaffected. I wonder though if it has more of an impact than what is clearly seen. These "white lies" can put an un-necessary stumbling block in front of them when it comes to the truth of God's Word. Are the miracles real? Or are they imaginary like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy? If my parent lied to me to manipulate my behavior at 2 years old, are they doing it still when I'm a teenager, just with different lies? Are the things my friends do really that dangerous? Or are my parents just trying to convince me to do what's socially acceptable and makes them look good to their friends, etc?

@Cherishingsparrows2020 @Knittinggrace I feel like I disclaimer seems to be required lol. This was only a little parenting humour, I think all parents at one time or another have encouraged an ‘imaginary race’ to get their child to tidy up. Lol. I don’t tell ‘white lies’ to my children and I don’t believe my message encourages any kind of parental manipulation. Real life is that kids will always want to push boundaries to do what they know they shouldn’t. I don’t think each time needs a serious life lesson and I’m pretty sure that when my children learn that outside parks don’t actually close they’ll be old enough to see the humour of it. ☺️

@Lindseyay @Knittinggrace My response wasn't meant as an attack and I apologize if it felt that way. Sometimes the tone or heart behind text can be lost in this type of communication. Add to that the differing cultures and life experiences and it can be easy to have a misunderstanding. I do enjoy clean humor and I don't claim to have mastered the art of parenting. I do however believe that honesty in relationships is very important, including the parental relationship. There may be times when not all the details need to be included or when special tact is needed depending on a child's level of understanding. There are so many unique and individual circumstances. However, I've witnessed how easy it can be for parents to use untruths as an easy way out. Often, the truth could have been quite simple to have used instead. Being truthful with my children is a passion of my heart. We enjoy imagination, but from little up have talked of the difference between what's real and what is fiction.

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