My little garden has had a hard season. It has gone through: snow, days of pouring rain, hail, wind, heat, moles,ants,moths and tiny black bugs!
I muscled my way through some pretty beat up thick skinned vegetables. The insides are sweet soft tender goodness that will nourish my husband and I through the winter.
I think we Christians probably look a lot like this little kohlrabi with it's tough skin from our enemy constantly hitting us with everything bad...BUT!! God will provide,protect and use us to complete His good will.
So, let us keep our attitude looking for the good in all things and ppl. Let's march on in the strength of Jesus Christ our Savior.
I continue to pray for all you beautiful DD ppl!! My family - my forever friends!


@Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter yesterday, you and your family was heavy on my heart. I, of course, didn't know what was happening buti knew Jesus always does!
I will continue to pray, I will let the Holy Spirit guide my words as I kneel before the throne of our Father who loves us most!
Jay is ever in my prayers for guidance and for Jay - for him to search his right path through Christ in prayer. Also your daughter, I pray the Lord will direct her path, that her heart will ever be in harmony with Christ.

I will be praying for your wife and the ministry she is starting. That sounds exciting!
I also pray for the business man, that he will come to know Jesus, our source of all life and goodness...that money can't buy - our salvation!

I pray you are also feeling better!

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