Are you sceptical, or unsure, about the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit being real?

We have a friend. She reminded me she is 4,500 miles away, and she was woken up by God to pray for my family, and my heart in particular.

I messaged her asking for prayer as I went to hospital today - knowing she'd be fast asleep, but also knowing I needed to tell her.

The time for her - when my message arrived - was 2.46am.......when she'd already been praying for 2 hours for my heart and my family, with no idea at that point that Jo was taking me to hospital because of my heart.

There comes a point when the idea of coincidence simply doesn't provide enough of an answer!

Andy B

PS Thank you @MaryMamuzich for listening to those prompts to pray!


@Berrybunchfamily Jesus loves his children! I love the family of God! I'm grateful He wakes me up!

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