Merry Christmas to my DD family!! May the true gift of Christmas hold you close; bring joy in sorrow; good health to all our sickness and constant praise in our prayers.
Sending my love and prayers to all of you.

My little garden has had a hard season. It has gone through: snow, days of pouring rain, hail, wind, heat, moles,ants,moths and tiny black bugs!
I muscled my way through some pretty beat up thick skinned vegetables. The insides are sweet soft tender goodness that will nourish my husband and I through the winter.
I think we Christians probably look a lot like this little kohlrabi with it's tough skin from our enemy constantly hitting us with everything bad...BUT!! God will provide,protect and use us to complete His good will.
So, let us keep our attitude looking for the good in all things and ppl. Let's march on in the strength of Jesus Christ our Savior.
I continue to pray for all you beautiful DD ppl!! My family - my forever friends!

So....I helped my mom stain her deck today. I thought I'd have to go slow so she wouldn't feel bad if I got too far ahead of her! HA!! What a joke!! This 92 year old Wonder Woman is tough as nails! No rest with this gal!! 🤣❤️

Calling all prayer warriors!
This is my granddaughter, most of you prayed for her and my daughter at the time of her birth, she is 14 months old. She has not grown in the last 3 months, the doctor said she won't be too concerned unless she doesn't grow in the next 3 months. Plz pray for normal growth. Thank you!!

This picture was taken while visiting my 95 year old aunt while in Wisconsin. She is in a memory care home. She is hilarious! I wish I knew what she said to me in this picture!
I hope... if I'm ever in a care home, I'm as happy, funny and kind as she is.

Spending a week with these ladies gave me a treasure trove money can never buy! My sister's and I took my mom to Wisconsin to visit her 4 siblings, ages 95- 78. We had a lot cold rainy weather but this day I prayers for sun, a few hours to walk around our old place I haven't seen in 53 years. There are more bushes and trees on the hills we explored but the old dented culvert we played on at the creek was still there!

Happy 92nd birthday to this awesome mother of 8 who has the ability to wear so many hats to help, aid and comfort anyone within her reach!
Taking her shopping is a hoot! She's willing to try anything once and laughs so easily!
Mom, I love you beyond measure! I pray God gives you many more years of incredible health!

Bundle up and have a picnic!
The sun was in and out and a little cooler than we wanted to admit but what a good day we had with my mom!

Last year all my wonderful DD brothers and sisters were praying for my daughter and granddaughter to survive an extremely different delivery. Today Kynlee turned one and she is beautiful and healthy and so is my daughter.
I thank God for DD! A place that brings us together from around the world to love and hold each other up in prayer. Praise God for saving the life of this tiny child that has my heart wrapped around her tiny finger!

I received 4 copies and the first goes to my favorite gal- my sweet Mom!!!

I'm beyond proud of my son-in-law. Passed he's test for flying the Black Hawk!
He's not in the military; works for private company.

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