I received 4 copies and the first goes to my favorite gal- my sweet Mom!!!

My Mom loved this book! She is going to give it to her church library.

@MaryMamuzich this is SO great! Thank you so much for sharing with us all ❤️

@TOIPEY Like we said as children in the playground,"I double dare" you to read it.

All praise and glory to our Lord!!! This is so beautiful Mary!!!

@MaryMamuzich Hello, Mummy!!!! She's beautiful!!!! Absolutely! (Well..I see I have someone I'd love to meet)
Please do give Mummy this 🌹 and a bunch of 💐

@Olamide she gives the best hugs!! She is overflowing with love, always happy and serving Jesus. She doesn't remember a day in her 91 years of not loving Jesus.
She is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother to everyone she meets. She has a heart full of songs of praise. I could go on and on. I'm beyond blessed to have almost 60 years of learning from her. She is a rock - a beautiful blue eyed tidal wave of love.

@MaryMamuzich Beautiful!!!

@MaryMamuzich @Olamide
What a huge blessing to have such a godly mom to the praise and glory of our Lord!!! ❤️ ❤️❤️

@Susan @Olamide she is more than I can describe. She has always been my best friend. Always positive and ready to try anything a smile and a laugh flow from her. She has had many sorrows and hides herself in the arms of the Lord and still shows loves to all, many never knowing she is hurting or going through trials. She is my precious gift.

@MaryMamuzich @Olamide

Dear Lord, I thank You so much for Mary's mom. She is a true fragrance of Christ. The love of Christ and the joy of the Lord just pour forth out of every fiber of her being as she blesses her family and all those she meets. She is filled with Your Spirit Lord! What a wonderful example she is for how we are to live for You and by Your Spirit. Please help me Lord because I fall short in so many ways. Help us all I pray to continue pressing into You and to live fully consecrated for You for such a time as this. I pray for a hedge of protection over Mary's mom. Dear Lord, I pray for You to keep her well and fill her with Your Spirit so that she may continue to shine for Your glory! In Jesus' precious name I pray, AMEN. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

@MaryMamuzich an amazing read…couldn’t put it down…what a strong, amazing and sold-out modern day example of staunch Christ follower ♥️🙏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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