Praise the lord
This is singye from Bhutan please be praying for our OT recording team in Dzongkha. we are towards the end of Plasm.
There are many challanges in due to changes of new laws in the country.
lots of distrubance in public at present.
kindly pray for the leaders of our county to have good sight in the name of our lord.
and kindly pray for me and my family
with love singye

To hear God's voice you need an open Bible and an open heart.

Please kindly pray for Bhutan specially for the those believers who are on daily wages are struggling a lot. Because of the current situation. Our hope is only on the lord Jesus the King of all the kings

Faith garden coming up by the grace of the God.

Wife's birthday today. Couldn't find a vase, so I hiked out into the mountains and picked her a bucket of flowers. A 'bucket of flowers' I think is going to be our new term from now on.

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