My Mother has a better day yesterday, thanks so much for all of your prayers. They are going to do an X-ray this morning.

There are expressed concerns about her 80 year old husband not being able to take care of her, I am trying to get moved down there, but they need more help now, & he insists he can take care of her.

He’s very overweight, walks with a cane & has a bad foot, can barely breathe with lung issues, but doesn’t want to admit he needs help. He is not a Christian, and with age he is getting more and more short tempered.

I am worried and fearful that this morning if he doesn’t agree to get some type of help and assistance coming into the home, THE DOCTOR MIGHT TAKE THE DECISION OUT OF HIS HANDS AND PLACE HER SOMEWHERE 😭😞

He can afford it, please pray he comes to his senses and does right by my mom. She has 2 little dogs at home that she loves dearly & they are one of the few things that brings joy in her life...I don’t want her losing that! 😭😭😭

@Sonshine I'm sorry! My heart breaks with you. I'm praying with you. It's so hard when our parents get frail. May you feel the Lord holding you close. May you recall all His greatness in power & love. May your heart see all His past miracles. May your faith be strengthened to see all is in His hands. 🙏❤️

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