I just spoke to a friend in France. Macron has mandated the vaccine for all and a passport system. Consequences of disobedience include complete isolation, cannot go buy food or assemble.
Some people on both sides are protesting and getting violent.
Some Christians dont know what to do, and fear is prevalent.
Let's pray for France!
I'll be going there in August.


Last night the UK government voted to make vaccinations mandatory for people who work in care homes, or they lose their jobs - despite something of a revolt in the houses of parliament, by many who were shouting about how this will permanently alter human rights of individuals

20% of care home workers are not vaccinated, in an already beyond understaffed sector (despite multiple visits from health professionals and prioritising said workers)

Those speaking for care homes as a sector pointed out how few staff they already have, and how impossible it is recruit new staff.....

Cut...nose..spite - springs readily to mind, and I'm not even anti-vax

Yea, I'm not anti-vax either, but withholding food, and freedom to assemble, and forcing people raises alarms in my mind.


as i said, i'm not anti vax, and i still marvel at how scientists in my country developed a vaccine with their counterparts all round the world


...while people are forced to have it just to make ends meet or exist as human beings, it isn't something i've any intention of getting any time soon!

@Toddkapper all sorts of alarms

my understanding is that the UK simply followed France, who themselves were 4th in line to force health workers to have a vaccination or find another means of employment

either way, that simply points to an overbearing government!

@Toddkapper thank you for sharing - please keep us updated

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