When God speaks through an advertisement sticker on the side of the road in a small town in India...

Had a great time camping with my nephew and visiting this place!

Stopped into an antique store after church today and impulse-bought this.
It instantly reminded me of my favorite story in John 4. The really jacked up woman who met Jesus and then led her village to Him in a matter of moments.
I'll call it... "Take a drink and become a well."

I've always been "on the edge" when it comes to pork rinds.
Found these today and now I'm all in.
Have you tried this flavor?

At the Sabina movie with my niece.
Is it wrong for a Christian to use a Christian organization's smuggler hat to smuggle snacks into a Christian movie that features smuggling?
I didn't do it, just asking for a friend.

When you have things to do, but he is just too cute to disturb. He has pretty much assumed this position since I've returned from Europe. (Only bird people understand)

First flight out of the US since 2019!

Some advice if you are flying out of ORD:

1) The country you are flying to has covid requirements, but the airline also has requirements which may differ. There is a test available at the airport.
2) You may need a paper filled in declaring your solemn vow that you dont have covid
3) ORD has some new scanners that dont require you to take anything out of your carryon. Look for the security lines with the bigger gray tubs, not the smaller white ones
4) The body scanner triggered on my BTJ smuggler hat. TSA had me take it off and they felt the front logo area, but not the super secret pockets! I'm not smuggling anything anyway... 😎

Wearing my new BJT hat during devotional set at my local house of prayer. They dont allow gum, but I smuggled some in. 😎 πŸ˜†


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