Hi all my friends,

I´v writen about my daughter Eliza who has cancer and has got I believe three jabs. Now , I´v not taken the vaccin but I´v high bloodpressure, over 200. It was relieved last Thursday when I was in the healthcare center for geting a B-12 injection. It was a very big shock for me. They wanted give me the bloodpressure medicin. I´m very sceptic to take such drugs so I said that I´ll wait and see what happens but they say You will eventually get serious heartproblem or end up with a stroke if You not take the medicin they will prescribe. What do You think?

@beocai Take the medicine. I take it and have had no problem. Now they did have to try a couple types until they got one that worked good for me. So I’ve taken it for a few years and it has no side effects. They are right if you don’t you’ll eventually have strokes and or heart attacks.

@davereimer Thanks for Your advice. I´m probably doing that.

You will need to do what you believe is best for you. If you are having blood pressure problems, you will want to do something about that, I expect. You can try more natural alternatives if you feel more comfortable doing that than taking synthetic drug medicine. Like someone else said though, you may need to try a few things to see what works for you. And, prayer is also powerful. God is the Healer. He is also the God of Wisdom and can guide you to the right treatment.

@beocai I’m 78 yrs old.. been on blood pressure meds since 1976. Probably would be dead without them! They are not fun, but useful!

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