Ok! Somebody actually challenged @sinbach to a Christian/Buddhism debate - and Eugene accepted.
Let's hope that the other side will show up and that this conversation will bring life & Godly love 😃

(link to Youtube: youtu.be/2l6vkyCiqgU )

One seed traveled with a volunteer, 1700 miles . It grew produced more seeds and keeps multiplying in this Buddhist neighborhood.

10/40 is a window of 24x7 opportunities.
We don't have a place to run away from our daily challenges, except to the Cross ( pun not intended 😉).
So what do we do?
Our people are responding to the original crisis on a daily basis.
The best solution is bringing them to Baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!
My friends are affected with 'itchy feet syndrome, which keeps us moving from place to place, sharing the Good News !

Thank you for your prayers.

A sad analysis;
The disputes over land and illegal immigration have been the primary root of tensions which have existed for decades.[6] According to conflict analyst Jaideep Saikia, rapid Christianization of the tribal population of Manipur has contributed to the socio-cultural gap amongst the two groups in the state.[15]

Christians Are Vulnerable In This Pakistani Community-Help Them With Their Own Water Well.
Christians are being ignored and neglected by the government. Christian community leaders and their families are still waiting for electrical power to be installed and walking 2 kilometers to gather clean water to drink and protect their families from stomach sicknesses and different kinds of skin issues.

: Panic, Peace and Perfect Timing

Every day is a learning day, and every day God is still very much at work.

Read our latest testimony of God at work today!

Our car broke down. We’ve got a pretty good bus network and timetable. But, daily life – for us – and with no money for repairs, were left stranded for, potentially, several months.

God had other plans!...[READ MORE]...

For the Rest --> berrybunch.org/Articles/662706

I am sorry 😞 @daniel @Mary
I am involved in many active ministry instances, where personal involvement and monitoring is needed.
Mostly we are 'playing Hide and seek' and winning! (Thank you for your understanding).

Fentanyl kills about 30 teenagers and children every week, the equivalent of roughly one whole classroom

Will you please pray for me ? Some deadlines with construction. Pending legal paperwork. Payments to be made for several ongoing projects. Financial support to be received and send to persecuted families. Busy 2 months schedule ahead.

@MaryMamuzich @Kruselady @Cherishingsparrows2020 @tanjaostman and all Praying DDians ;
We are expecting a healthy male child for our elder this week! Will you please uphold them in your daily prayers.

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