I was never really a smart kid. But I heard the Gospel and The Spirit worked in Me...and I believed....I was 16...at 19 I got the Enduement of power.
I received the Call to preacher shortly after.... graduating from University and working in paid employment ever so briefly... I launched into full-time Evangelistic work.
Father God has used me mightily and keeps using me..I'm in awe, totally wrecked and humbled by the displays of His miracle working power and Grace. With mission fields in Nigeria, Ghana ,Togo and Benin ..with teams in place.....
I was never really a smart kid...hey..but then I met Jesus.

It's a funny quote, however "God is opening new doors for us, everyday"! Thank you for your prayers. Many new decisions (to pick up the cross and follow Jesus), Many baptisms, from areas where believers are persecuted, new worship groups, in places where previously people were highly resistant.

A young Christian disciple is in jail. We are not convinced about the 'illegality' of the business, which he is accused off. He was not doing anything unethical!!! Please pray for God's justice. Guidance for the Church and the leaders to deal with the crisis.@Olamide

Honey..I'm home!!!
Thank God!
An amazing Missions Trip!
It was all God!!!! 😭😭😭
I'm fagged out...but I'm more grateful..then I am tired!
Praise be to God.....for Missionaries trained, encouraged..souls saved ..bodies and minds healed! JESUS IS LORD!!!

You Can Make An Immediate Impact During A Crisis in DR Congo! Urgent! We just received video from DR Congo with gunfire in background as innocents and orphans fled to safety. PRAY AND HELP US SEND URGENT AID SO THEY CAN EAT. With global calamities happening at an alarming rate, CMM teams respond quickly to natural disasters like flooding, famine, drought, fires, hurricanes and tsunamis, and refugee resettlement to provide food, safe water, medicines, clothing, etc. to our front line, indigenous friends.
For example, last year, we got word of over 100 young women, some as young as 8 years old, discovered to have been trafficked as sex slaves in an Asian nation.
In many ways, your prayers and generosity make a huge impact in restoring and reconciling the vulnerable to Abba Father by giving them hope, purpose, and vocational skills to end systemic poverty and fulfill the reason they were born. cmmworld.kindful.com/?campaign

I Am An Ambassador of Jesus Christ-Declarations by Tom Burns (English and Russian) As we discover our identity in Christ we humbly walk in the authority we have been given in Christ's name and by His blood to expand the Kingdom and destroy the works of the enemy. Listen and declare His glory each day. podomatic.com/podcasts/cmmworl

I’m living in Kazakhstan with my wife. Well kind of. We have all of our marriage certificate but the Russian Baptist Church we are a part of won’t let us live together until we have a wedding. They won’t let us have a wedding unless we have her visa done to come to America or my documents done to live in Kazakhstan. I need to get a work visa but I don’t have any college degree. The only other option is permanent residence and I need 12000 usd to sit in the bank for a month while they file the paperwork. The government needs to see if we have the money is all then I can return it to the lender after the month of paperwork processing. I and my wife both feel called to Kazakhstan which goes against the grain of the advice from everyone else. Please pray and if anyone wishes to help, private message me. Praying for all the church and that the gospel will spread to the entire world. Be faithful and steadfast.

prayers for my daughter's friend, Blanca. She did something really stupid. Sr. in HS; just turned 18. Replied to a post saying she'd shoot up jordan high. Thought she was being funny. She has been arrested and is in the durham county jail tonight. Arraignment tomorrow. Only child; adopted from Guatemala. Good kid. Just a really stupid joke that wasn't funny. Life altering.

So if someone asks me do you enjoy Preaching...I would say...I enjoy the results of my Preaching.
Huh? Yes o!
I'm not the "I have fire in my bones...I must Preach kinda Minister."
I'm the "how do we reach these People with the Gospel kinda Minister."
So it's about what will work..how will the Gospel be promoted and Kingdom be advanced.
Going further...it's about results..making the difference...and not about Me, Olamide preaching..you get me?
For instance...In my teams, which Ministers are best Gifted/Graced for this particular outreach etc.
So I'm a Leader more than I am a Preacher...

Back To Jerusalem / BTJ's
Reaching the Gulags
(30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

In the West, it has been talked about in the congregations, daily devotionals etc., that it's just like "we take a pill from the medical cabinet" for our daily need, and then there is a sermon about that topic and discussions.

In other places, they literally need PILL BIBLES, pill-sized, motion-powered (!) Holographic Bibles to get the message out, this is what I call innovation and EAGERNESS to SHARE and, in many ways "devour" the word of God! (It CAN actually be swallowed, it was made like that! And it is motion-powered... wow... listen here:)


They thought we are a bunch fools, when we introduced fish to the mountains. Actually they didn't know the truth, that we are a bunch of fools for the Lord!
They knew that fish won't survive the high altitude and cold weather, we knew the One who created the hills and the mountains also the fishes and the weather. So if something is working give credit to our Master and Savior Jesus Christ.

A couple of years ago, i sat with my Wife and got something major off my chest. The conversation went something like this:
Me: Babe...if I got killed in the Field..if i got martryed...would it be a shame to you ..or an Honour?
Babe...what if I head out..and I don't come back alive..how would you take it..do you ever think about this?

My Wife: (looking into my eyes and holding my hand)...
I have actually thought about it many times...the Children and I spend much time praying for you whenever you are in the field...Daddy will reach the People and come home safely!
And just know.... I wouldn't be ashamed if you died a Martyr...I would see it as a great great Honour!
What you do is very very important.. People must be reached!
......and by the way you ain't dying any time soon!!!!!

Me: (I didn't know what to say in response....just grateful that I Married Ndidi Olamide Adekunle) ❤️

Leaving home..heading out...it is as if I turn into another person!
Boldness begins to pump through my body and my mind... honestly...feels like I turn into a Super Hero... adrenaline high, abi?....or is it the anointing?
Those who have travelled with me...have mentioned how i am very very different once it is time to work.
And they begin to look for a way to define it... "you are an Apostle!!!!!"..."You are a Prophet!!!"
Wow!!! There's Power in Evangelism.... supernatural Power!!!

The high remains throughout the trip....I only sleep about 2-3hrs when in the field...and work we do!

Returning home...I become my usual ordinary unassuming self.
Looking back on work done...I am totally wrecked.
I have seen Lives changed.. Miracles.. Healings..I have seen Jesus work....and it is ALL JESUS....we are just vessels.

Had a great night last night in Stockholm, Sweden, with the BTJ team @sinbach @bethany and Brother Yun and his Swedish-Finnish interpreter. Many young people who responded to Yun's message.

My daughter just wrote this. Please pray for baby! As Grandma my heart is aching. Jesus please heal and fast!

[God] desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2.4 ESV.

We are saved by knowing the truth. Have you learned it?

#Bible #BibleVerses #truth

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