Please provide list of biography’s of missionaries, or other others God used, beyond your own writing! I gain so much from them & will buy all yours when I can! But I don’t use credit cards, must pay via check!

Posted by our friend:

Please join us in praying for this missionary family in Brazil. Phil, the father has Covid and is doing poorly. The medivac team assessed him last evening and determined he was too sick to survive the trip. He’s in critical condition.

This dad is a close friend of several of our friends. Join us in praying for a miracle.

?? What walks on 4 legs then 2 legs then 3 legs??

Great book - biography ‘love casts out fear’ brother Nathan!

?? What walks on 4 legs then 2 legs then 3 legs??

Is anyone willing to fast and pray with me for both my grandparents Pastor Kee and Nancy Wauneka?
They are really not feeling well and we need God to really work in their bodies right now. I just got off the phone with my grandpa and you can hear it in his voice. I told him I'll be praying for him and he said "I need it."
I'm going to start praying tonight and will be fasting tomorrow. Please I need some prayer warriors to pray along with me. >>> Right now they really NEED family to step up and pray for them as well too.
Praying for healing, strength, energy, health, and rejuvenation in their bodies in the name of Jesus!!! -Nyome Yaz


Marcus, you have my sympathy and my prayers.

If anyone has some prayers to spare, please send prayers for my niece. She is 40 with 3 young children and they have been unable to diagnose what is wrong except possibly some sort of autoimmune deficiency. Mayo Clinic has run a ton of tests as have others.The pain when she eats is incredible so she cannot eat and cannot keep food down. This has been two years. She is barely hovering above 100 pounds.

My cousin, just a few years older than I am (I’m 55) went into the hospital 2 weeks ago. She was put on life support shortly afterwards. She just passed away at 2 AM this morning. Drs don’t know the cause of death. They didn’t know what was making her sick. Please pray for her family.

Please recommend list of mission biography’s true stories!

🚨 BTJ Programmer Booted from Twitter🚨
NOT for Tweets he posted, but for for Tweets he liked and interacted with.

I want your input!!! What life ?? Questions are important to your life and your children’s life?? Your response is needed!

New Dream Center coming soon! Thanking God for a new location soon to birth Dreams in the English Classes.

My husband left this earth on Saturday morning, died in his sleep 💔With a broken heart that only my Savior will be able to mend—- my best friend & husband (31yrs married). He was healthy. But he had an abnormal rare heart rhythm issue for many years. I thought we would grow old together. He was an example of God’s love to all who knew him. Because of him I could believe that God would love me forever. Right now my mind can’t comprehend my future without him. I appreciate your prayers.

Suggest all leave apps that toss off siting President of USA! Such disrespect is more than’s unAmerican anti USA Constitution and who’s next?? No one is safe!!! Freedom of speech is critical basic building lock of all freedoms. The term ‘hate speech’ is also unAmerican. The most hateful thing to do is stop free speech to eliminate that which you don’t like!

Please keep my mother in your prayers ... found out from my sister she was just admitted to the ER ... diarrhea with blood... she saw a GI doctor who said she needed to be admitted... she’s been in pain and is very weak... she is elderly... even more, please pray that she would know and feel how much Jesus loves her, and that she would feel his peace in her heart. 🙏💕 @bethany @Asianking @xixiangdong

Prayer: Father help us to be salt and light in an increasingly spiritually dark world! Help us to be your loving hands and feet! Help us to be more concerned about our fellow man around the world, especially your children Father, and less concerned for ourself! Help us bring the mighty Word of God ,the Holy Bible, to all those we can reach! Help us to love our enemies as well as our neighbors! Fill us to overflowing with your love , peace and joy no mater the circumstance!

Lest we forget: It's never free to achieve FREEDOM!
There is no greater love than to lay down one’s
life for one’s friends. - John 15:13.

'They made the greatest
sacrifice for us, we will
not let it be for
🙏 🇺🇸

Please pray for Brother Ren the translator of Brother Yun. They were on their last evening of tour in Sweden when he grew really sick. He has a fever and sore throat. He has had heart surgery and has a pace maker.
Thanks for the prayers.

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