We just got a phone call from an orphanage that has a little 2 year old that is facing end of life. They are asking us to consider respite love and care....please pray we have wisdom! We will be learning more, but so far he is on oxygen 24 hours a day....and it sounds like having seizures too....


Visiting brick factory workers (slaves) in Pakistan. Injustice is happening here at an unimaginable scale. Most of the slaves are Christians, but more and more Muslims fall into the trap of lawless debts and finally land in the factories for a lifetime. This is a huge picture with many details. It is also an opportunity to reach Muslim community in the brick factories with the delivering message of the Gospel. We are praying to hear from God, how to address those two needs (need for Gospel and need for social justice) in a practical and effective way.

I didn't realize that France is suppressive regarding freedom of speech. There are actual police whose job it is to monitor churches for speech that they deem against minorities, LGBT, and against the government itself. Claiming that "Jesus is the only way" is considered hate speech and could subject you to arrest.

Please pray a volunteer is travelling alone! (Not reccommended in pioneering initiatives).
For his protection and for breakthrough in the region.
Power and fresh anointing against witchcraft powers and evil schemes of the enemy.

Hi all, in case you are willing to pray for Poland... something weird is happening - another step in suppressing the freedom of speech.

"Polish MPs have passed a controversial new media ownership law that could lead to the country’s largest remaining independent TV station losing its licence, but at the cost of several key votes that put the government’s longterm future in doubt."


MAJOR PRAYER ALERT! A group (16 ) of intercessors from Korea is arriving in New Mexico tomorrow (Thursday) and will be praying over NM. Two of the world prayer ministries leaders will be with them, including the leader of the Billion Soul Mission. Dai Sup Han, John Robb, Brian Alarid (leader of America Prays) and others will be joining them, and they will be on with us Friday at 9 a.m. MDT. PLEASE get the word out to your networks. We've been praying for God's fire to reach America, and believe this is part of it. We'll be streaming on all channels (FB, YT, Twitter, www.christianbody.net, Roku, Apple TV.)

Sean Feucht wrote:

Members of Antifa showed up in Portland last night to threaten, harass, bully and intimidate us. A mom and her baby were tear gassed. Antifa stood 10 feet from me as we lifted our voices in praise, but we didn’t back down. We kept worshipping and God moved powerfully!

One member of Antifa who came to disrupt our service was SAVED giving his life to Jesus! It’s a time for a BOLD & BELIEVING church! God has not given us a Spirit of fear but of POWER & GRACE! The Church is on the move and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!

Glory to God!!

Continues here: In September our government will discuss the covid passport. Mrs Henriksson, has been pushing in this direction. I wrote very kindly to her, for instance “we are many parents that are very worried about giving vaccines to 12-year-old children, as there are documented risks, like heart inflammations… it’s vaccine (Pfeizer) that is not even approved yet… I hope that our society won’t discriminate people [the passports] who choose not to have the vaccine… There are many highly educated people I know that are skeptical, but keep a low profile about their opinions, since they risk to be discriminated or bullied."

I am so sick and tired of all this. I belong to a minority (even among Christians), who is not vaccinated. Of course, I believe the virus is for real, but there are bigger things going on in our world in the political arena. Some days I feel low, exhausted, anxious and frustrated. We need to pray for and encourage one another!


Please join us in praying for Ethiopia. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front have recently taken the ancient city of Lalibela.

The churches of Lalibela date back to the 12th century and are carved out in the mountains. The rock churches are a monument to the strength and endurance of the faith. Now, this ancient city and the nation of Ethiopia needs our prayers.


A Muslim Scholar's Dream • Frontiers USA

>“Do you know anything about Jesus Christ?” asked Ismail, a Muslim stranger standing at Driss’s door.

Ismail explained that Jesus had appeared to him in a dream and instructed him to come to this exact house to learn about Him.

Driss invited him in and told Ismail that he had recently become a follower of Jesus. He wasn’t sure he could answer all of Ismail’s questions. But he would certainly try. Driss felt excited at the chance to try answering Ismail’s questions about Christ.

Then Ismail explained that he was an Islamic scholar, and Driss panicked....



Persecution of Christians in Nigeria by Muslim Terrorists...It's getting out ....Dr Michael Brown had this on his social media!!!!!!!

China and Afghanistan - the forgotten border and how it is impacting the future of missions for BTJ

People of God in your prayers, please do remember the Christians in Northern Nigeria: Pray against the very evil spirit of radical Islam..pray for the Nigerian Government to act to stop the killings and abductions...pray that the International Community would work to stop it!
Pray for the protection of Christians in Nigeria.. pray for those who are suffering. Thank you!

Heavenly Father,
We pray the You will settle Haiti at this time overuling the need for foreign forces. Protect the people and assets of Haiti from the thief. Father overrule and raise up Your appointed leader as President who will begin the difficult journey to righteousness. Give the people of Haiti a genuine desire for Your Word and Your ways. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen

To my global family,
This message feels so urgent. I had a dream that I don't remember, only I was aware that I'd been shown an illustration of the scripture where the Kingdom of Heaven is like yeast, it's hidden but is doing its work. It CANNOT be undone! It WILL have its effect. When I awoke later, I was pondering the dream and immediately the scripture came to me, (Psalm 126:6) where the one who goes out weeping, carrying the precious seed of the Gospel will INDEED return with joy, carrying the sheaves of the harvest. The words CANNOT FAIL were strongly impressed upon my heart and mind. So, brothers and sisters, please be reminded that your labors in Christ are NOT in vain. This message was so emphatically impressed upon me that I feel there may be someone in particular who has invested so much and is wondering if it's making an impact. People are giving their lives and is it in vain? No. You CANNOT fail when you are sowing the precious seed of God's Word.

In the middle of ,,pandemic" God invited our House Churches Movement in Cracov to increase number of joint meetings. He gave us safe place to meet. It's been over a year since we meet every week. As long as it is possible, we will warmly welcome guests.

First Christians Sentenced to Prison under New Law in Iran - Morning Star News

>The first Christians to be punished under a newly amended law in Iran aimed at halting the growth of Christianity and other religious groups were sentenced to five years in prison for spreading “propaganda” against Islam after they refused to renounce Christ, sources said.

>Amin Khaki, Milad Goudarzi and Alireza Nourmohammadi, all converts from Islam, were sentenced under Article 500 of Iran’s newly amended penal code, which states that “any deviant education or propaganda that contradicts or interferes with the sacred Sharia [Islamic law] will be severely punished.”


Brothers and sisters, please pray for us as the LORD leads us in developing and expanding house churches here in the UK. Thank you!

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