In America there is much talk of decisions be the Supreme Court. I see a rapid shift in the people towards Satan’s policy of kill, steal and destroy! As I look around in my neighborhood I am very disheartened to find those wanting to kill being many! Fortunately many are opposed to baby killing! Some favoring baby killing are Church goers! I do not believe their mind will change until God tells their heart it’s wrong.. conversation seems of little value! I am praying God touch them! .... the reality struck me that the Supreme Court is not in Washington DC.. it doesn’t change its mind according to political persuasion! It’s in Heaven .. only God can make things right!

This field report directly from our team in Afghanistan is such a powerful reminder of what God can do during the most unimaginable situations.

My Brother & His wife have been working & living in the Middle East for the past 3 years. They just had their 1st child this morning at home. After the birth of the their child, the mid-wife was unable to stop the bleeding coming from my sister in law. They are now in the hospital, she was given a blood transfusion, but the doctors do not know where the bleeding is coming from. She is now going into surgery, so hopefully the doctors can figure out where the bleeding is coming from. My Brother is very shaken up & scared. I’ve been praying for them, but I wish I could be by their side, especially since he has only been a father for 12 hours now.

The haruwa–charuwa system is a forced-labour system based on debt bondage, prevalent in the agricultural sector of the eastern Terai region in Nepal. Haruwa means "forced tiller" and are usually adult males, while charuwa means "forced cattle-herder" and are usually women and children.[1] The victims of this bonded labour system are usually dalit families, most commonly from the Musahar caste. Due to landlessness and poverty, they are forced into service of landowner families under slavery-like conditions.[2] The haruwa–charuwa system is similar to the Haliya and Kamaiya systems of western Nepal.[2][3]

Another term, kodarwa, is often used to refer to strong men who cultivate the lands of landlords for wages or payment of debt, similar to haruwas.[4] The written ......

Please pray for the believers and leaders of ;

A = Assam, India Loss of crops and houses.

B = Bangladesh and Bhutan - Very slow recovery of economy after the lockdown. Flash floods and soil erosion, collapse of tourism industry.

C = China - Please refer

D = Dina and Shanti (not real names) 2 teenagers suffering from Covid like symptoms. Need to appear for their exams in few days


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ and all my friends of Ding Dash,
this morning I would like to update you on what my wife and I are experiencing as a family.

As I have already told you in recent months, starting from September, I was no longer able to work at school as a teacher, because as a family we decided not to get vaccinated.

This is for two main reasons:

1) In the various phases of vaccine development, cell lines derived from aborted human fetuses are used, and as Christians we are against abortion; this is also the reason that led us to rejoice at the great victory that has taken place in the USA in recent days.

2) Vaccines can cause numerous side effects, even serious ones, potentially harmful to the human body. And this fact, which at the beginning was little known to many, in recent months, is coming to the surface more and more also from numerous accredited and official sources.


Our choice was not at no cost! We do not believe in Christianity at no cost!

In fact, I have been without a salary since September 2021, because in the school (but also in the medical and some other sectors), the Italian authorities have established very strict rules for unvaccinated workers.

In the meantime, the months have passed, until now, where, thank God, the authorities have "suspended" (attention, "suspended" and not "eliminated") almost all restrictions.

So since the beginning of June the authorities have suspended the restrictions, for a summer break. The covid went on vacation for a while ... So officially I returned to service, even if the school will be closed for the summer holidays.


We want to thank all those who have prayed for us all these months. May the Lord reward you abundantly for your help and encouragement.

However, we ask you to continue praying for our situation. In fact we believe that in September or October at the latest the restrictions may be reintroduced again, as some authorities are already saying.

We ask you to pray that the Lord will open a door for us to be able to work free from all restrictions and vaccination obligations.

If it is necessary and if it is God's will, we are also ready to leave the country to live in a country where there is still a bit more freedom than where we live now.

God bless you abundantly. Thanks again for your prayers.

Your brothers in Christ,

Antonio and Anna

North Korea is threatening to use nukes. We predicted this would happen last month.
The reason is simple. In todays article on our website we share why.

This is a sad day for Finland. 😢 A transgender law was accepted today which allows men/female couples to have children as being the childs only parents. Also the definition of "mother" and "father" is going to change. A biological woman giving birth to a child can now be the father of the child. So crazy!!

If Italy is going through a punishment of God, so will be the case for Finland too. We are today stepping aside from God's blessings and shelter with this law that violates His standards and creation. 🥶😭 God have mercy on us!! 🙏

I'm seeing these headlines on the regular now. All across the country.

Finally Proven: Pfizer Vaccine Causes COVID Reinfections, Disables Natural Immunity!
Pfizer Randomized Controlled Trial offers Proof Beyond Doubt

Italy 2022

Drought - the Po is the largest river in Italy and is a navigable river. A few years ago I also sailed it with a motor ship to accompany my students on an outdoor excursion. Now everything has become a desert.

Italy 2022

In Italy they are about to ration gas and electricity due to the war in Ukraine and are about to ration drinking water in homes due to the drought.

Japanese court rules ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional

Marriage isn’t just some legal document allowing you to file taxes together and have rights to each other’s property and medical treatment decisions

Marriage is a covenant between a man and woman before God

God will not be mocked

All of these things the NWO and leftists try to force on everyone are (not coincidentally) in DIRECT OPPOSITION to what’s written in the Bible

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