Will you please pray for a team ? They were supposed to reach a town for very urgent reasons.
However suddenly lockdown is announced.
They climbed up and down several mountainous roads and very close to their destination.
One of them is not physically doing well.

(We want to see them reach the safe house, fulfill the purpose).

Help is on the way, they found it within the country. Authorities are watching, they are safe. Need prayers for physical strength and healing.

Global prayer warriors, please continue to pray for my 10 year old daughter. We were sent for immediate CT scan following an ultrasound today. They were concerned about a large mass. I know that with God all things are possible. And, He has given so many reassurances through this trial. But, we are in need of prayer. My daughter, husband, 7 year old son, and myself. Thank you so very much! May God bless you.

The CT scan revealed a mature teratoma. Thanks for continued prayer. It means so much to have a global family who cares and joins us as we look to the Healer.

I understand your problem,
I have a diminished brain function too due to a brain tumour and surgery. My thinking/processing was calculated at only 18%. Almighty God our Father can still use us to be His vessels sharing His Love in a lost world. May He bless
and guide you. @deenadingding

Yesterday was a crushing hard day. But at the end we closed in prayer, lifting our needs and concerns to God.

A man posing as a policeman absolutely terrified Ann by telling her lies and making her think they were going to arrest her. After a few hours he got her banking info under the guise of needing to freeze her accounts. He then went into her account and took out loans (in China there is a way to do an instant loan apparently) and took all their money too. We went to the police for help.

You know it’s interesting. Spiritually speaking... as this weekend a young person asked to go to church for the first time, after learning more about God. I don’t think the devil liked that! And then this cruel mean theft.

Anyways, I am posting the PayPal link if anyone would like to give some immediate help -as all money is gone. The police say it would take months probably to get the money back and only 1% of people actually get it back.


Please pray for them.

I'm requesting prayer tonight.
I'm feeling a little down and feeling the pressure of things around. My wife and our 4 children and I are planning on moving to Brazil in around 100 days from now. We believe we have heard from the Lord over a period of a few years.
We already have our plane tickets (SkyMiles used), we are working on moving out (less than 2 months remains on our lease), I still have a crud-ton of debt that I am believing for God to miraculously remove or help with so that I can leave no debt unpaid. I have not received exact details from the Lord on what I will be doing there (ministry or small store or both or import/export).
A little background: I was invited to preach in Brazil a little over 10 years ago and went towards the end of 2011, well needless to say, the Holy Ghost revealed to us that the Pastor's daughter would be my wife (on the day before leaving from a 2 week mission), and almost 10 years later, we are 9 (happy) years married and have 4 children......

We moved back to the US back in March '15.
I DO believe in miracles! I serve a miracle-working God. I'm asking for prayer. My wife is a full-time stay at home mom who home-schools our children, she's amazing. And we have believed that maybe God would use Brazil to launch us out to other countries to share the Gospel. We also have a heart for/feel a draw to Africa, Mexico and Central/South America and Asia. That's not all-encompassing, I've also considered middle-eastern countries.
Well, the Lord knows all. I know I've been pretty quiet on here for privacy's sake, but I felt that I should reach out, open up and ask for prayer, so thank you in advance.
Blessings be upon you in Jesus' name.

Appointment scheduled for an hour and 45 min from now to follow up and see what the next steps are for our daughter. Thanks so much for your prayers. God is faithful.

Oh wow!! Talk about earthquakes in diverse places!

The current government regime in America is against the will of the people. We are being cheated, lied too, stolen from, bullied, and ignored. I pray for deliverance.

What holds back deliverance? Our sin. How can God deliver us from liars and thieves if we are lying and cheating too?

The Western Church has not preached morality for a long time out of fear that someone might accuse us of “works-based righteousness.” The result is a lack of morality. We should have seen that coming.

We need to cry out for God to heal our land and deliver us from evil. God will respond to that prayer when our “amen” includes our own repentance from compromise.

“Come close to God and He will come close to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded...Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.” James 4:8,10

Lockdown or No Lockdown, Job or No Job, Business Or No business, Gospel must be shared. Youth empowerment Gospel sharing and House church establishment. Keep in prayer.

@sinbach such a God-ordained project and opportunity. Praying He will give both of you the grace and strength to carry the responsibility of it 🙏🏼❤️

Dear DingDash family, please keep us in your prayers today. I am here in the US writing Meriam Ibrahim's story. Not an easy story. Yesterday was filled with emotion and tears as Meriam talked about being born in a refugee camp, her father brutally murdering her aunt for an honor killing, her mother being tied up for two days and raped, and her running away and hiding to escape circumcision - only to be forcefully dragged back to the village and the Muslim elders publicly witnessing her genital mutilation - and this was all before she was even 7 years old!
We can use all the prayers we can get for this project.

*UPDATE * On my daughter, Lisa, and baby.
Miracles all around!! Lisa had a terrible Accreta case, she lost 5 liters of blood during surgery! She has amazed the doctor and nurses by healing so quickly. The nurse said most ppl with cases like Lisa are in bed for 2 weeks. Lisa was out of the hospital in 5 days. Two weeks later and she is doing amazing!!
Baby, Kynlee, has also been hitting each goal set for her. Today her feeding tube was taken out. She recovers quickly when her oxygen levels dip AND... She may be discharged in a day or two!!
I came home yesterday. It was a stressful time but also a time of many blessings caring for my other two granddaughters.
Thank you all for praying! My love to all of you!

I still haven't been able to see the baby😢 ...but soon🙏

Community Pantries Emerge in Philippines amid COVID-19 Surge - Bernar News

>For rickshaw driver Jojo Borja, 44, the pantry was heaven-sent. “I saw my neighbors bringing vegetables and rice while I was looking for scrapped junk and they told me to go here...”

>“I can’t stay home and just look at my family starving,” he said. On bad days, Borja feeds his wife and their five children with the relief packs he can get from the neighborhood. If not, they just sleep the hunger off until it’s a good day in the junk trade again.


A BIG FAT THANK YOU to all of you guys that have been praying for our work in China. We've had some major miracles happen and KNOW that it's the direct result of your prayers!

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