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Thank you for your messages and your prayers. At the moment there are no restrictions and the decision of the Constitutional Court retroactively concerns the restrictions and obligations of the past months, which in Italy have been particularly harsh. The point is that with this decision they have set the stage for any other pandemic or restriction for the future. According to them, during what they establish as emergencies, they can make the vaccine mandatory and those who do not comply cannot work, cannot go shopping and so on. Implicitly this is what they decided.

Today a black page has been written in Italy. The Italian Constitutional Court has confirmed the constitutionality of the vaccination obligations imposed in recent months through which it was prevented from working, from eating, from entering public offices and through which, as you know, I lost my job. For them everything is fine. 😥 😥 😥

A decade ago a fisher of men was hoping to learn fish breeding techniques from a team member. It never happened as the team member was martyred.
After waiting several years, we found an expert who is willing to teach fish breeding techniques to fishers of men !
Please pray for multiplication!

Hey everyone! GREAT NEWS…

Our son Alistair was discharged and came home last night… after EXACTLY 40 days. What a significant number throughout the Bible- symbolizing a time of testing and tribulation and finally triumph with new growth... what we believe God has been doing!

Please continue praying with us — he will have ongoing weekly surgical dilations to stretch out his esophagus until the surgery team sees that his esophagus stays at the right size.

We are thankful for you and your ongoing love and support. We have continued to trust in what Jesus desires and is doing - far more than we could ask or imagine!

I was sad and a bit surprised to read that the Pastor of Swedens largest Pentacostal church, Niklas Piensoho, has given out a statement that people living in same-sex relationships can be both members and leaders in a Christian congregation. He also claims that the Bible doesn't say that it's a sin to live in a homosexual relationship.

I think we have come to a point that we need to choose in which camp we are standing: with the Bible-believing congregation (who will meet persecution) or with the lukewarm congregation that falls away from His word. The division inside the church has started, but dear brothers and sisters, let's not make compromises! 🙏


Yes, we need ....Dollors ?, educated experts? , Theologically trained Pastors ?
Air conditioned offices ? Sports cars ?

No, no, no ..

We need prayers, your valuable prayers!
We want to populate the Heaven with Asians !

New Blog Post: In this issue, we want to feature our long-term friend and CMM Members, Tahir and Saima Saleem of RCCM in Pakistan. Tahir leads hundreds of churches in Pakistan, several in Germany, and in Dubai and UAE. He and his wife and precious family are trustworthy, faithful, and so fruitful. Please read and view these precious faces and pray about seeding in a gift as the Lord leads to www.cmm.world today. christsmandate.blogspot.com/20

A legal affidavit is made to document the sale of a 12 year old child for 15 years, according to a news paper report published on 26th October 2022.

Pray for total transformation in Asia 🌏

We are prayerfully and eagerly waiting out baby, Alistair’s test this coming Friday after surgery… thank you for continuing to pray with us for this!!!

also - I recently recorded this podcast to share how we have processed and what God is showing us. I hope it encourages you as well…

Full update / regular updates on our journey with Alistair: caringbridge.org/visit/babymar

Podcast: FuelForTheHarvest.com -
"Episode 150: Engaging Tragedy & Suffering"
(APPLE: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/)

(Spotify: open.spotify.com/episode/3DeK0)

NEEDING YOUR HELP!! Our son, Alistair Shield Marquis, was born (SUPER EXCITING) but there have been some emergency complications. Appreciate your prayer! Please check out our note in this post and consider sharing!… gofundme.com/help-baby-alistai

Soon the last leaves have fallen off the trees. We're heading towards winter here in Finland. I pray this winter won't be as cold as last winter, since the cost of electricity has increased several times. It will cost us a little more than one thousand euros a month, if we will have the same temperatures. That's too much, since we have a high inflation going on when everything is getting more expensive, but we still have the same income. I have already heard of Finns that have to sell their houses, because they know they won't be able to afford to keep their homes.

Watch this video: Brother F shares about Abdullah threatening F to quit speaking about Jesus. He put a knife to F.'s throat. Watch what happens! Let the world see the Power behind you. Pray and support Brother F's passionate and fruitful ministry through CMM. Contact our office for more info. youtu.be/awViu68x5E0

"According to the estimates of the Aliyah and Integration Ministry, a very significant increase in immigration is expected due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. According to the ministry, since the invasion of Ukraine in February, over 40,000 new immigrants have arrived, approximately 24,000 of them from Russia. This is the most significant wave in two decades.

In addition, the government authorized the Jewish Agency to establish temporary camps in Finland and Azerbaijan for Russian Jews who seek to immigrate to Israel."

How is it possible they can keep him in jail without any real reason? I know these things happen in countries like China etc with persecution of Christians, but in America..?


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