Today we are putting down my dog down. He was such a good dog.

I can’t wait for ding dash to develop further.

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After a week of my 3year old being unwell I was happy to see his smile return today! It’s so hard seeing your little ones unwell but his nightly prayer of “Dear God, please take away my ouchies” has filled my heart with even more love for him! A tiny glimpse of how God feels when we reach out to Him with childlike faith! So pure!

Better search engine. 

I love this social media!!!! So awesome!

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@sinbach I am not surprised. They are many people who do agree with things about the government. Get out there and help people come here.

Here’s a cool pdf a friend of mine wrote. It is so cool and will open your eyes to what is happening.

I thinking I might move to ding dash compared to Facebook.

We have to wait 30 days here in St.Louis. This sucks. 😔

Can anyone get the address to ship face masks for the Chinese church in wu Han?

When are we going to come up with a YouTube alternative? YouTube is cracking down on Christian channels. I also think they are cracking down on people they don’t like even if they are Christian. We need to pray about this.

I hope Gods chosen will be elected president.

I am so thankful for my mom. If it wasn’t for her, I would be in plenty worse off.

4 more hours till the new year central time

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