Italy 2022

In Italy they are about to ration gas and electricity due to the war in Ukraine and are about to ration drinking water in homes due to the drought.

@faith20 , our dear brother, Antonio and family, praying for God's miraculous provision for all of you there in Italy.

@faith20 my brother, I do not know what to say or pray...

But may God enable you to share His hope with the people you meet and help them see Jesus


Amen. Hi Andy. They say that a drought of this kind and of this magnitude has never occurred in northern Italy. Same thing for the locust invasion. It is the people themselves who do not know Christ who say that all of this is strange and resembles the plagues of Egypt. I am sure that in this period there is even more need to evangelize and bring the good news of salvation in Christ.

With the help of the Lord we will continue to speak of Jesus to those whom God will put on our path.

@faith20 my mind went straight to 'Italy is being punished for something by God'

I'm not the sort of person who usually thinks that sort of thing (hope that translates ok...)

'Lord have mercy' is also is on my heart for Italy

May He make you bold, and peaceful and a family that shines Jesus so brightly to the people you meet that they may turn to Jesus

You're ever in my heart my friend

Andy B


Dear brother Andy,

I also think the same thing. Everything that is happening in Italy but also in other countries is a sign that some form of judgment is taking place.

Obviously these are not yet the judgments mentioned in the book of Revelation but history and humanity are going in the direction indicated by the end times prophecies. God's Word will be fully fulfilled as time passes. It has been a long time since my wife and I have been preparing to be to serve the Lord in these difficult times. God will give us strength.

God bless you.

Your brother Antonio

@faith20 praying for you for His favour, wisdom, courage and opportunity

@faith20 @Berrybunchfamily What is happening in Italy? This is the second time today that I have seen that something is happening in Italy.

God bless you and everyone there in this difficult moment.
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