Dear sister, may the Lord Jesus tenderly care for your heart in these days. Praying for you. ❤️

Update on permanent American resident John Cao in China

Pastor John Cao’s Diary - ChinaAid

> On June 4th, the police detained me for over 20 hours without reason. Today, June 6th, they came up with a new tactic. Around 4pm, I walked out of my mother’s room 2015, where I am temporarily staying, only to see two worker-like individuals installing a high-definition camera directly facing my mother’s doorway. I shouted aloud: “Mom, come quickly and see....

Dementia is ......something I watched my dad disappear with and my mom fight to......what to hold him from disappearing. He knew all of us but couldn't talk and we lost his loving personality - our leader and foundation - I guess one could say God was there but, oh, how our ground shook. God is ever faithful!
It was the most difficult time in live for me, a " Daddy's girl". I now walk the path my mom walked and fight the fight Mom fought. I need my DD family. I pray for those that have similar paths to walk - it's hard. But. It's a path that is illuminated by the presence of Jesus.

Please continue to pray for our "Technical training program for the unlettered " .
It's our joy to see small businesses flourishing across the region, building bridges to the unreached communities.

Please pray for the family of the killed 12-year-old, the wounded and the school affected by today's school shooting in Finland! Finland is know for its well functioning society (therefore we use to top different lists) and school system. BUT we have had a couple of terrible school shootings. Guns are not as easily accessible here as in the USA. The streets are safe, and I feel safe as a woman, children go to and from school on their own, but there is a lot of domestic violence.

The thing about Finland is that there are a lot of people who aren't doing well at all even if the society looks good on the surface - I think things have worsened because of the pandemic and Russian-Ukraine war. We have a long border with Russia, and we have an ugly history with Russia. And media is fear and war mongering every day. Some people just snap. PEOPLE NEED JESUS!

It was the supposed to be date night, but the sitter (22) told us that she couldn’t make it because she was going to the hospital because she thought she might be having a heart attack! Please keep her in your prayers. I took the family out to dinner and then the car broke down afterwards…It was actually a beautiful afternoon for car trouble. Glad I was there and that we have hospitals, tow trucks, and Ubers.🙂

Would value some urgent prayers

The car we were supplied by some Christian folk (when ours died) is still unusable as the UK tax people gave us advice to import it that they also state is we're now waiting for a manager to sort it out as we are not able to officially import the car at this time...which has already been brought into the UK!

And we've just been served with an eviction notice by our landlady

We don't know where to look to live and don't have a deposit or moving money (about £1,500 for us for both of those things)

And we have to be out by 4th June

Which leaves in all sorts of trouble and we're already very busy with our radio station growing well with God made miracle doors opening for us there repeatedly.

But we need a home that can facilitate the radio station, since we run it from our home.

I ask prayer for the Nation of Haiti.. especially for pastor Remy & his family.. as they are approaching anarchy! … gangs have taken over the nation & violence is rampant..turning to belief in Jesus is the answer!

Tanzania-Help CMM Save More Lives!
Yohana Mayiku, Tanzania

Hallelujah! You should see the joy on the faces young and old alike after this new well many prayers and giving made possible and just finished in Tanzania.

We thank the Lord and Dear CMM Partners for the prayers and generosity to reach more rural tribes with safe, clean water and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, we have requests for more wells in rural, tribal areas who suffer much sickness and early death from unclean water.
CMM has done many wells with Yohana. He is faithful and a wise steward. Yohana has such a heart for the lost and represents the Father's heart so lovingly as he disciples them on an ongoing basis.

They often take hours each day to carry buckets of unsafe water to care for the families.
To learn more go to:

Please pray and ask the Lord if you are to help us to save lives and provide more wells

Please pray that our team may not loose our focus 🙏
It is easy to get entrapped in programs, instead of making eternal impact!

"The 2024 elections might be the most dangerous in history because of what just took place in Munich. This might be the most important podcast that Eugene does this year. This isn’t something you’re really going to find in the news. You may find it if you read between the lines or do a little bit of research, or if you have exposure to amazing individuals who highlight the real, unseen dangers in every day life. Eugene talks about insights and revelations that were shared recently at the BTJ Hackers’ conference."

A young Christian disciple is in jail. We are not convinced about the 'illegality' of the business, which he is accused off. He was not doing anything unethical!!! Please pray for God's justice. Guidance for the Church and the leaders to deal with the crisis.@Olamide


 Sister Deling, Bro. Yun's wife, has been hospitalized and is need of the healing Presence of our dear Lord.

Deling is in a very weak and serious condition. Local family is with her
Do join us in prayer for the healing Presence of our gracious LORD be released upon her. Pray for Father's kindness, mercy and grace through Holy Spirit cover the extended family. In the Name of Jesus our Healer!!
Copied from the email alert

Another 8 Christians have been murdered by Islamist militias in the state of Taraba

The death toll of the Christmas massacre rises to 200+. When will the world stop ignoring the massacres on Christians in Nigeria?

When will there be a protest march in London?

PATH Promo 9-16-23 SUBSCRIBE @crossculturenm @mftross @CBNetMedia & @ZionGlory @YouTube JOIN Us in NM & across America, PRAYING for a True Spiritual Awakening and REVIVAL from January 1-21, 2024 for 21 Days Of PRAYER - Download the Guide, Invite Others + SPREAD THE WORD!!!

"Young people simply do not feel connected to the colonial religion that has been forced on them.

In addition to that is a massive revival that has been taking place in Iran for the last two decades. So many young people have turned to Christ in Iran and continue to do so. BTJ has been supporting the printing of Bibles, training of leadership, and most recently supporting Iranian missionaries as they leave out to unreached nations in the region."

God is indeed shining a bright light on many nations & things in all nations these days, thank God! :-)

Please pray for a 25 year old partially bedridden person. Her father was a Pastor.
Mother working to support her, so daytime she is alone. Please pray for her to be completely healed.

‭Psalms‬ ‭118:28‭-‬29‬ ‭NLT‬
[28] You are my God, and I will praise you! You are my God, and I will exalt you! [29] Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

Thankful to belong to the living God, to have been born again by His Spirit so that I can live in this world as Jesus did---- breathing in the favor and delight of His Father, moving , speaking, doing only what the Father told Him to. This is also my reality by His grace!

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