"The 2024 elections might be the most dangerous in history because of what just took place in Munich. This might be the most important podcast that Eugene does this year. This isn’t something you’re really going to find in the news. You may find it if you read between the lines or do a little bit of research, or if you have exposure to amazing individuals who highlight the real, unseen dangers in every day life. Eugene talks about insights and revelations that were shared recently at the BTJ Hackers’ conference."

A young Christian disciple is in jail. We are not convinced about the 'illegality' of the business, which he is accused off. He was not doing anything unethical!!! Please pray for God's justice. Guidance for the Church and the leaders to deal with the crisis.@Olamide


 Sister Deling, Bro. Yun's wife, has been hospitalized and is need of the healing Presence of our dear Lord.

Deling is in a very weak and serious condition. Local family is with her
Do join us in prayer for the healing Presence of our gracious LORD be released upon her. Pray for Father's kindness, mercy and grace through Holy Spirit cover the extended family. In the Name of Jesus our Healer!!
Copied from the email alert

Another 8 Christians have been murdered by Islamist militias in the state of Taraba

The death toll of the Christmas massacre rises to 200+. When will the world stop ignoring the massacres on Christians in Nigeria?

When will there be a protest march in London?

PATH Promo 9-16-23 SUBSCRIBE @crossculturenm @mftross @CBNetMedia & @ZionGlory @YouTube JOIN Us in NM & across America, PRAYING for a True Spiritual Awakening and REVIVAL from January 1-21, 2024 for 21 Days Of PRAYER - Download the Guide, Invite Others + SPREAD THE WORD!!!

"Young people simply do not feel connected to the colonial religion that has been forced on them.

In addition to that is a massive revival that has been taking place in Iran for the last two decades. So many young people have turned to Christ in Iran and continue to do so. BTJ has been supporting the printing of Bibles, training of leadership, and most recently supporting Iranian missionaries as they leave out to unreached nations in the region."

God is indeed shining a bright light on many nations & things in all nations these days, thank God! :-)

Please pray for a 25 year old partially bedridden person. Her father was a Pastor.
Mother working to support her, so daytime she is alone. Please pray for her to be completely healed.

‭Psalms‬ ‭118:28‭-‬29‬ ‭NLT‬
[28] You are my God, and I will praise you! You are my God, and I will exalt you! [29] Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

Thankful to belong to the living God, to have been born again by His Spirit so that I can live in this world as Jesus did---- breathing in the favor and delight of His Father, moving , speaking, doing only what the Father told Him to. This is also my reality by His grace!

(I fixed the link)

ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry - Pod for Israel:
"WOULD YOU HIDE ME? Where are the Ten Booms and Bonhoeffers??"

Is anyone hearing about the bill Ukraine overwhelmingly passed to ban the Ukrainian Orthodox church??

Pod for Israel: "Israel at war! Pray with us for the Israeli people in the midst of this crisis!"

Dear brothers and sisters, I need your intercessor, my wife is thirty-four weeks pregnant, but yesterday suddenly there was a large amount of amniotic fluid outflow, and then we rushed to the hospital for overnight examination, the baby in the belly is normal. However, the doctor advised the baby to be born because of insufficient amniotic fluid. The baby was born prematurely at thirty-four weeks. Please pray for the baby and Grace ,wishing them peace and health.

Found this from 2021: 🤔

"Letter from Israel - By Benjamin Fulford - April 9, 2021 - 48 Comments"

Bibles Delivered !
There was a big demand for Bibles in a 'specific' language. That too from a Buddhist restricted country.
Many students and professionals willingly purchased it from our volunteers.

The whole operation needed just simple faith and willingness to go to jail (if caught).
Thank you for your prayers 🙏

It's beautiful how Torben Sondergaard's time in jail has made him humble. 🙏🏻 I love his message in this video. Yes, we are one body in Christ and we need eachother. ❤

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