In Italy the situation is really unbearable. Without a vaccination passport you can no longer work. As I have already written to you since the first of September I am at home without work. It's sad but it's happening right under our eyes. I have been a believer for twenty years and I can assure you that it is a very hard test. I am also thinking of expatriation but I don't even know where to go. They took our jobs away! Pray again for my wife and me. Let's pray together for Italy. Remember that what is happening now here could happen anywhere because Italy has been chosen as the world leader for the organization of vaccinations. Thanks again. I love you in Jesus Christ.

Watch what will happen in China...

We just got a phone call from an orphanage that has a little 2 year old that is facing end of life. They are asking us to consider respite love and care....please pray we have wisdom! We will be learning more, but so far he is on oxygen 24 hours a day....and it sounds like having seizures too....


Our dear friend Pastor Alain in Santiago de Cuba is facing charges for
Preaching the gospel in Cuba.
Please keep him and his family in prayers.

Pray for these beautiful children all rescued from the evil and trauma of human trafficking. This is one of several houses CMM cares for in Asia with our loving staff. The numbers are increasing and we ask you to pray about helping with monthly support for all their needs: food, medical care, clothing, utilities, Christian education and as they grow, vocational training so they can live Christ-centered, fruitful, productive, self-sustaining lives. Pray and give at HTTP://

Even we try best, we still don't know how to keep our boy safe from all uncertainty. It has been 3 months now Mikhael was saved by God grace.
Thank you for your prayer support.

The rabbit hole goes deeeep... The whole thing with the pandemic, lock-downs and vaccine is about everything else than just a virus and science. There are so many non-scientific and unethical things going on. I believe in research, but not in multi million dollar companies. Moderna has been stopped for men under 30 in several country. Just one example.

This is a whistleblower who used to work for Pfizer. She got hold on email conversations about hiding from the public that they use human fetus, meaning aborted babies in the vaccine. She seems very trustworthy. Pfizer is a criminal company. They have for instance been convicted for several crimes, including testing a new risky medicine on Nigerian children without their parents' consent. Some of them died of the trial. But African lives don't matter as much as their dirty money matter? And Pfizer, a super rich company, wants me to have their so called vaccine with cells from aborted babies. No thanks.

I was going to post this a few days ago.

Now I'm asking brothers and sisters for urgent prayer for healing. My wife and I have come down with Co**d.
Our symptoms are different one from another and we never thought we could ever get this..
I've been really sick with it for over a week now.
I feel like I should take something (besides just motrin IB and acetaminophen and organic apples, etc.) I've had almost no appetite for a week now. I feel nauseated to put food in my mouth and today it has been harder to breathe, and I've been dizzier.
At least my wife has been able to eat, but she's had a stronger cough for a while. But now the cough is getting me bad and making it harder to breathe.
I welcome prayers, recommendations, etc.
Bless you

Re-post : Cause everyone should see the sickness...........

Will be speaking at four churches next week in Idaho and giving updates about our work in China, North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan.
I can NOT wait to see my friends.

Dear brothers and sisters, God bless you. I still ask you for prayers. I am without salary because in Italy now you work only if you have a green pass and I don't have it because I decided not to get vaccinated. In addition, I have a foot problem and I can no longer walk. Please pray for me and my family, we need it so much. Thanks.


I can't believe it! We are in danger of having no van!Our city has new rules and we must get rid of our van! It has an emissions problem that is a design flaw.

WE MUST have a van! Here are some reasons:
-work is so far away that he cannot use buses to travel.
-Joshua's emergency seizures. trips to the hospital and health needs.
-No more orphanage outreach :-(
-Our family can't fit a car - we are 7 people.
-There are ministry needs that I am not free to share.
WE are looking into options, but**BUT WE ONLY HAVE 14 DAYS* until we must hand our van over.
So I am starting this fundraiser immediately!

I do not want to use GOFUND ME because they take almost 3%.!
We we will need to raise approximately $9000.

If you can help here is the link:

PLEASE know that we are thankful from the bottom of our hearts! We know God wants the people in China touched even MORE than us!
The Weaver Family!

Here are the 26 teens, age 13-15 in our safe house in PK praying. They thank all intercessors for your prayers and thank our CMM Partners who sowed into our Rapid Response fund to free them from slavery. There are more awaiting rescue.

Thank you dear CMM Partners and Intercessors for praying and helping free 26 girls, age 13-15 from slavery. Here are some of the 26 girls sleeping their first few hours in freedom. Pray for healing from trauma and all the Lord desires for each of them.

What a week I'm having!! My 91 year old mom has covid, along with my two sister, my brother and his girlfriend...I was with them, even -sat between my sisters and didn't catch it. My better half lost his vision in one eye and my puppy got very sick and had to go to urgent care!! Even so, God's blessings are all around! My mom has a bad cough but it's not effecting her oxygen level , one of my sister's got very sick but doing better, the other sister is very tired but feeling ok, my brother got very sick but doing better, his girlfriend needs prayers as she is now feeling very sick. I'm heart sick about my hubby's eye but he does have great vision in his other eye. puppy recovered and still eating every gross thing she finds.

John Cardillo
· 3h
I'm hearing from people very close to TF Pineapple that the State Dept. is actively blocking the private extractions of Americans by our private operators.


Why is the US Govt. leaving Americans stranded to be killed in Afghanistan?

Something very sinister going on.

Keep us down in Louisiana in your prayers. Lots of devastation

@Olamide come quickly Lord Jesus, we long for His coming.

From our "on the ground" partner in Laos. Since January until now. Ready for this??
1. 24,361 have heard the gospel
2. 4,671 have been saved. (1 in 5 who heard)
3. 1,792 Baptized (2 in 5 saved get baptized)
4. 134 new discovery discipleship groups
5. 57 new house churches planted
6. 1689 leaders trained.
7. Jesus glorified.

Amen???!!!!!! Pray for Laos. Pray for AIM1040.COM AS we continue to focus on those who have never heard. Love you all.

@ChrisHarrison Hallelujah!
We are on the winning side!
7. May the Name of Jesus glorified in our neighborhood and across the world!

Let's open our eyes and see 'satan falling '

The Kingdom of God is expanding like a wild fire in Laos and across the Globe!

The King Of Glory is entering 10/40 window!

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