By faith, you are prepared to face the giants before you as you are equipped for this great Reformation now before us. You may not think you're ready, but the Holy Spirit is preparing you now as you hear Him, surrender, and boldly declare the Word of the Lord wrapped in His holy fear, running with the horses through the fire and trials you have come through to this day. Heb. 11:37-40

Day 5 of not being allowed to leave our home. I think about 70% of Beijing is probably on lockdown. But I hear grocery stores are being emptied wherever people are actually allowed out of their homes.

Beijing has 1800 new cases today and that’s huge for here. The days ahead will be interesting.

They come to our home each day to do covid test while on this lockdown. It feels surreal.

Hey everyone! GREAT NEWS…

Our son Alistair was discharged and came home last night… after EXACTLY 40 days. What a significant number throughout the Bible- symbolizing a time of testing and tribulation and finally triumph with new growth... what we believe God has been doing!

Please continue praying with us — he will have ongoing weekly surgical dilations to stretch out his esophagus until the surgery team sees that his esophagus stays at the right size.

We are thankful for you and your ongoing love and support. We have continued to trust in what Jesus desires and is doing - far more than we could ask or imagine!

UK politicians are set to regulate home educating famikies like they do with sex offendors

Never thought I'd see that see sort of a comparison being made by academics and experts on this latest proposal to criminalise parenting.

Prayers are needed for the UK. A proposed piece of legislation would send normal mums and dads to prison, with no upper limit, if they fail to comply in anyway - a forced home education register

The people set to manage this? They won't be trained or have any knowledge in home education, and there will be no appeal process or accountability for their actions.

I'm trusting in Jesus, but this proposal makes me feel quite sick

Oh, it's all to keep children safe. My MP was almost giddy when he replied to my letter, so excited was he about this proposal.

Meanwhile a 16 year old child was physically assaulted, by a group of class mates - in school - while teachers did nothing. Her crime for the vigilante retribution? Saying there are only two genders.

Andy B

Pray for a elderly woman who is a new neighbor of mine she is originally from Spain and has a thick accent. She is very lonely so I told her that when I’m lonely I take it to God and he helps me with it. I told her she could do that and he would help her! Her eyes filled with water and she said could I? I said yes.

I’ve been visiting a 90 year old lady that lives near me. When I first met her she was new to the area and very lonely. She’s originally from Spain and raised as Catholic. She has a wonderful strong Spanish accent. She wanted things to read so I brought her the Heavenly Man and a few other Missionary autobiographies. She read them and seemed impressed by them. She did say she didn’t believe in the inerrancy of the Bible so I brought her one on that but she hasn’t read it. Finally yesterday I asked what she thought of the books I’ve given her and she said she didn’t believe they were true. She thinks the authors didn’t tell the truth about their lives. We talked some and I found that she thinks that my relationship with God is a mistake of belief if that makes sense! From what I understand she thinks you can’t have a personal relationship with God.Her name is Carmen I’d appreciate if you would pray for her.

The Constitution of the United States in an amazing document but it is not the source of our freedom nor America’s greatness. We all witness how black letter laws on paper mean nothing without the will to adhere to them. What we need is the law of God written on human hearts. It is Christian revivals alone that have made America great in the past and will make her great again.

But there is a price to pay for freedom through revival. We must obey Jesus, even when that means suffering for the sake of righteousness. History is clear that the voices of righteousness always get persecuted before they are vindicated.

Put your armor on. This is war.

Listen and learn about what's going on in Iran! These two Christian Iranian women tell (in English) about things that you don't hear in mainstream media. Despite all killings, they are hopeful.

Our city in China is locking down many areas. Lock downs in China are harsh and direct. Our friends door has had alarms installed on it so that if they open their door to go out, it will ring and notify their community and police. This is quite common. So far our city has handled lock downs fairly well compared to other ones where massive food shortages occurred.
Please pray for:
- our family and our sons family who lives nearby
- the elderly - it brings back memories of the Great Starvation days where they suffered greatly
- Christians to use these hard days to share Gods love with each other and those who are not saved yet!

We are preparing and getting ready! With vision and purpose while living in China! God be Glorifed

We got more Bibles ! It's a new miracle!
We needed few dozens of Bibles for a closed Buddhist country.
Previous attempts to smuggle in scriptures faced severe problems.
Then God opened doors for us.
An additional consignment is on the way 🙌

I was just trying to appeal to people here.
The kind of war we've been in for a long time, is a war about information, a new kind of propaganda-mind control, petty "theft" of people's time, attention, mind, souls, future, eternity... with the enemy of our souls. Brainwash with demonic elements. Numerous sources talk about a battle for what is called THE MIND SPACE. Mind games 2.0? There is a lot of demonic psychology in this.

This is SERIOUS STUFF, with a LOT of HEAVY INVESTORS on the ultra-rich side.
They're trying to shut both Alex Jones and InfoWars down, folks. Now with kangoroo courts, law-fare, "legal warfare".

Alex Jones Legal Fund ->

Campaign Created by: Alex Jones
Raised : USD $ 113,428
Goal : USD $500,000

Update on my Mom’s situation.

I entrusted all of my stepdad’s financial information to my sister to help out when she was here for the hospice visit, & she took everything with her back to another state & started to pursue conservatorship, without including me. My sister is not communicating with me in regards to my mother’s finances or conservatorship.

Feelings of sadness and grief, I had initiated calling my sister every Sunday to pray for my Mother and Stepdad & she agreed for me to call to pray and would listen to the prayers and agree in her heart she said. I never dreamed she would try to seize control & keep Mom in a care home.

I want to make a home for my mother, please pray God shows me clearly the path to go. My sister and niece never call my Mom, I am the 1 family member that has continued to be there.

Please pray for the hearts of my sister, niece and niece’s husband. They took advantage of my stepdad’s passing. I need God’s wisdom and the right path forward.

This is the season when God is wanting to open people's eyes.

People are putting on posts about 9-11, with the words 'never forget!'

But, what are we supposed to never forget?

How many people really know what was happening during that day?

How many of you know that our own government did this? How many of you know that it wasn't terrorism? How many of you know that it was a distraction for all the evil that people were doing in our country? Our own government did this and most people won't even believe it. That's what God is exposing right now. That is what our true president was trying to uncover when he was in office. We need to be aware of really what was going on so that we can stand up against the true evil that we are facing. We need to know what demonic forces are behind all this.
Speak out the word of God and bring down the evil that is trying to destroy our country.

My little garden has had a hard season. It has gone through: snow, days of pouring rain, hail, wind, heat, moles,ants,moths and tiny black bugs!
I muscled my way through some pretty beat up thick skinned vegetables. The insides are sweet soft tender goodness that will nourish my husband and I through the winter.
I think we Christians probably look a lot like this little kohlrabi with it's tough skin from our enemy constantly hitting us with everything bad...BUT!! God will provide,protect and use us to complete His good will.
So, let us keep our attitude looking for the good in all things and ppl. Let's march on in the strength of Jesus Christ our Savior.
I continue to pray for all you beautiful DD ppl!! My family - my forever friends!

We are literally down to earth people 😂
The tools we provide sometimes contradict with spiritual warfare principles 🙄 (Ephesians- our weapons)!

In the leadership mentoring process; along with scriptures and food our rural associates receive tools like Spade and pickaxe to work with their own hands .

The simple way to provide food on their table.
Thank you @sinbach and team.

I just have to say, I thought I already enjoyed the BTJ podcast, but my heart is being so deeply affected by the new series, Behind the Veil with @sinbach!
Jesus is so rich and so full of love! Askingfor Him to make Himself known here in central PA, USA!
Thankyou, Eugene and team. I love, love, love this podcast! My evening supper prep is a holy time!

Thank you all so much for prayers for my stepdad, he has passed away. I am having a hard time finding a place to live near my mother, and I have to move in about 1.5 weeks.

Unfortunately my sister terminated the lease on my mother’s house, blocking me being able to bring her and her dogs home, and live with them there. She is being placed in a care home due to my not being positioned yet to take her on (so much pushback from my sister and niece) even though I want to take her on (and they don’t).

PLEASE PRAY THAT SHE CANNOT BLOCK ME FROM GUARDIANSHIP — that was the original plan, for me to get guardianship

I am a bit heartbroken right now. 😭. Also struggling financially due to gasoline and expenses with trying to do business in the hospital area.

Please pray for my finances, a place to live, and that I can somehow be reunited with my mother and take care of her. Also, that somehow we can get her dogs back. My sister is wanting to find new owners for them. 😞

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