What is strange with this new transgender law is that all mainstream media is being totally silent about it and about how it was accepted yesterday in the parliament. One would think they would be jumping with joy and shouting out loud about it! But no, just silence. The only one talking about it is Christian parliament members, forwarding a list of the members who voted against it. 106 voted for it, 46 against, 1 voted empty and 46 was absent. I believe they don't want people to know what is happening behind the scenes.


After this law, will it still be possible in Finland to talk about the family freely without having problems with the law? I ask you because in Italy they would like to pass a law accusing all those who affirm the biblical family model of homophobia. I hope they will not pass such a law.

@faith20 Well, it's such a silence around this new law that it's quite hard just to know what it really contains. But I believe this is one of the agendas with this law; to be able to shut the mouths of the "homophobic" ones. When it's written in the law that really changes the circumstances and the atmosphere from what it was before, even if there wouldn't be any concrete actions against the "hate speech" (yet).
Sadly I believe this agenda is on the EU level and they would want this same law all around Europe. But I really hope Italy will do better and they'll stay strong against this madness!


In Italy there is a certain resistance that for now has managed to obtain a block on the approval of a law similar to that in Finland. I hope they continue to win. However, God always has the final word on everything. God bless you.

@faith20 Very good to hear that! Every resisting country in Europe is a benefit for all other countries. 👍

I believe what happened in Finland with the resistance we used to have, is that they were able to "buy" one big party in the government, "the Center" (Keskusta) by promising them things they have wanted for years to get through in Finland (a change in the socialcare system). So by giving the Center what they wanted, the Center have in exchange promised not to resist the transgender law. I also believe that this is one big reason for the silence: many of the voters for the Center come from the countryhood with a lot of conservative people. They don't want conservative people in Finland to start instead voting for the "Fundamental Finnish party" (Perussuomalaiset) - who are now in the opposition - where basically every parliament member is against this new law.

@sarikorpi I'd see those 46 absent as votes against....don't know how your political system but over here absence simply means they're trying to please both sides and don't have the courage to stand up for what they actually believe

Andy B

@Berrybunchfamily yes you're absolutely right. That's how I see it too.

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