For Purim this year we want to get this book JESUS IN IRAN into as many hands as POSSIBLE!
JESUS IN IRAN NOW AVAILABLE for 90% off for next 48 hours.
Iran is having the largest revival of any Muslim nation in the world.
Find out why!
So much to learn. For instance, did you know the entire book of Esther took place in Iran and Esther is the only book in the Bible with an Iranian name?
Did you know that Iran sent the first Christian missionaries to China 1,600 years ago?
Did you know Hitler is the one that helped change the name of Persia to Iran to hide God's heritage for the nation?
So many mysteries are revealed in this book.
No other book shares details of the underground house church while at the same time tracing the Christian history of believers back to the days of King Cyrus.
The book is 50% off. Ebook and Audiobook are 90% off.
Only for next 48 hours.
Happy Purim!

@sinbach I'm not sure how to download/play ebooks that aren't on Amazon. 😧

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