I'm so happy that we got to travel by plane to the UK - you never know if they will will make it harder again to travel. It's so healthy for us who live in the European country with the least densely population to see other parts of the world, and especially western Europe's biggest city. We loved it and had so much fun. I'm so impressed with all polite and kind Brits that we have met. They live in a very crowded place, and are still patient with tourists. We happened to come during the biggest rail strike in 30 years, and made it anyway to @Berrybunchfamily and back by train. Now we're sitting on a train home, instead of a connection flight (due to delays in Heathrow). A great part of our journey has been about waiting, rescheduling, planning, and going from point A to B. My son googled that the average speed in London is 12 km/hrs for vehicles. That's slower than we cycle, so we rented Santander bikes a lot. They have 800 docking stations in London, and cost GBP 2 per 30 min.

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