If I need to seek counsel from a Christian, or want to listen to good teachings, I don't look for those whose only goal is a platform and a big audience (either in real life or online). Of course there are humble servants of God who have big audiences, but it's about their focus and the state of their hearts. I've noticed that I after a whole life in the Christian world look for people that are bearers of the Lord's presence (because their minds are focused on him), that have "no names or titles". Why would a narcissistic leader, whose main goal is to make himself a name, really care about us, normal people, with compassion? Of course they can give counsel as a part of their visible ministry. I know a few Christian leaders personally that I can email/message or call when I'm in need or have questions. I know that they care for real. I don't need to be a part of the same church for them to care. These people are rare, even if it's the NT way of leading. They have real, authentic relatio

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