She lost her chance to study Science and become a Doctor, when she corrected her Buddhist Teacher, who shared a distorted creation story to discredit the Bible.

provided scholarship for her to study abroad, where she is doing a bridge course. Please pray for her higher studies.

Hailstorm, unseasonal rains, floods, crops destroyed. Please pray for recovery from calamities. Please pray for families, Christian farmers, Evangelists, church planters affected

I ask prayer for the Nation of Haiti.. especially for pastor Remy & his family.. as they are approaching anarchy! … gangs have taken over the nation & violence is rampant..turning to belief in Jesus is the answer!

Ramin prayed over me at church a few years ago and helped heal my terminal neurological disorder. His ministry, Hope of Israel, is looking to establish a church in Israel. If you could pray for him, his wife, and those he witnesses to that would be great.

SOS! One of our daughters living in a Tibetan Buddhist dominated area, is quite sick. For her healing, protection and for her studies.
Demonic activities, attacks are common.
High level of witchcraft, black magic, occultic practices and sacrifices are common
Few times she was admitted in the hospital recently.
@Olamide @MaryMamuzich (please tag our friends, who are in the direct message chat).

Don't know if anyone has posted this
Pastoral -BTJ - Deling Update (a part of the mail)

"DELING UPDATE The wife of Bro. Yun of The Heavenly Man, Sister Deling, is still hospitalized. Her body is still weak ("weal"?) and in need of strengthening before any more procedures. They have here under constant care and observation. Do continue to pray for the restoration of her health."

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