Updates on Teresa's health.

Dear brothers and sisters,

My wife and I want to update you all on Teresa's health and we want to testify how great and powerful was God's intervention in Teresa's life.

As you know Teresa's clinical picture was very serious. For this reason Teresa was hospitalized for about a month.

But throughout this period she started to feel better and better until the doctors informed us that the acute phase had passed and she could continue the treatment at home.

At home Teresa continued to improve more and more and, at the last visit to the hospital, the doctors were amazed to see how well Teresa was. The pneumonia also passed completely. Glory to God.

We want to thank God for how He powerfully intervened in this situation and for how He practically showed us that God is powerful to nullify the sentences and words of men and that the last word on every situation is always God's.

Thanks for the prayers of you all. God bless you.

We are currently asking for donations for an urgent need. We are planning to do this before the 1st of July. We need to install a 5000 Liter water tank at our camp grounds that will cost us R10000 which is around $600.

Our long-term friend and graduate, Johan Barnard, leads Christ Mission Life in Mozambique and they are experiencing water shortages and need to increase the storage capacity for the Solar powered pump. The Lord has blessed us with opportunities, a platform, and people to work with.

We choose to believe that in the kingdom, we have everything we need, and God will provide what is needed in every situation.


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