Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to ask you to pray for my wife Anna.

The excessive stress due to the challenges we are facing has led her to have trouble swallowing and consequently to swallow food.

She is eating little, she is not very hungry and she is losing weight. I ask you to pray that my wife can be healed in her throat, that she can eat without hindrance and that she can regain her natural weight.

Thanks so much. You don't know how precious your prayers are.

God bless you all. 🙏🙏🙏

ALEX JONES UPDATE: As you may be aware, a jury ordered Alex Jones to pay $45 million in punitive damages today, following a wildly rigged trial in which Alex was prohibited by the judge in testifying in his own defense on Friday, or calling his own witnesses, or even presenting any evidence in his own defense. He was denied a trial by jury and the judge merely declared "You're guilty!" and then repeated it DOZENS of times in front of the jury.

I was at the InfoWars studios early today, hosting two hours of the Alex Jones Show, and I spoke with Robert Barnes during show breaks. Mr. Barnes assured me that Texas law caps the punitive damages at $750K per plaintiff, which means the $45 million order against Jones will be reduced to just $1.5 million shortly (because there were two plaintiffs). But the press won't report that, because this has always been THEATER from day one.

Mrs. Rosy Senanayake is our Colombo Mayor.
Please pray for this Born Again leader, as she plans and excecutes major initiatives.

Julie Chung , US ambassador to SL is quite compassionate about our people.
Please pray for her.

Shabbat shalom y'all. Here is some developments of the last 48 hours with Israel to keep in prayer. Gaza threatened Israel and said no one was to visit the temple mount tomorrow. The IDF responded by drafting another 23000 reserve troops and beginning operation breaking Dawn. So far 15 jihad senior officials have been killed as well as 20+ Islamic jihad activists in the west bank. Gaza has fired 160 missiles of which 10% fell in Gaza. Gaza has stated that they are in no hurry to get anywhere. We will continue to exhaust the enemy. Israel stated that they will continue to fight and target jihad officials until the jihad stops sending missiles. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Please pray for Pakistan, many villages have been destroyed and wiped out from the surface of earth and many people and specially children died due to heavy flood. And it is still a lot of rain.

My brother died this morning.

Retired Marine Sgt.

I could use some uplifting prayers if ya"ll see fit.

so far 4,750,000 Ukrainian refugees had fled the war zone and entered Poland.
I'm speechless.

Muslim father stabs daughter to death when he learns she had been to church and was following Jesus.
Would you be willing to die to be in church today?
Satan is growing violent because his time is short and he is desperate BUT JESUS IS COMING BACK.
we share more details in our latest article.

Please pray for my mother and her husband, Dick and Roxane. They both went into the hospital today.

Dick is not at all well, he has liver failure and kidney failure and is very sick. He is swollen and jaundiced, blood count is a quarter of what it should be, and they are giving him blood right now.

Please pray for grace at work, as I try to take off work again for family emergency.

Please pray for a place for me to live closer to them, for God’s grace strength and help, and for salvation for both of them (they are both 80).

Thank you so much for praying.

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