PRAYER NEEDED: We were driving down the main street in our town here in China, when I saw a man, completely naked IN THE WINTER COLD! He was lifting a very large public metal garbage can and banging it on the ground. We immediately turned our van around to go help.When we got to him there was a crowd of 100+ spectators. Not one helping. Not one in position to help women and children if he ran towards them. Just videoing and laughing. I wept over this afterwards. I walked up to him and saw bruises on his back.He was crouching at the time and was attempting to lift the metal garbage box above him. I immediately told him her was loved and called him a friend. He stoppped. He let me take his cut bleeding hands off the box. Suddenly he sobered up mentally and started to speak English. We only exchanged a few words and the police arrived.he panicked and yelled “please don’t take my life” over and over as they forced him into a police car. Pray for him. For Salvation. For Jesus!

@ManyFreeBirds THANK YOU SO MUCH! He is on our minds in our prayers every day here right now. May Jesus set him free!

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