For all who are praying, my covid pneumonia is improving. I am still having signs it’s still there, and i can’t do much normal stuff yet, but it’s so much better than a couple weeks ago. Thank you.

This is how I hope that Jesus can hold me one day. Until then I will love Him and remember that all we suffer here will be ok once we are with Him in Heaven!

So many have died this month from covid here in China. Please pray for families who are suffering the loss during the 1st Chinese New Years in 3 years where family is free to visit one another without lockdowns and quarantined and restrictions.

There is much pain in China this month. 😢😢😢

Day 5 of not being allowed to leave our home. I think about 70% of Beijing is probably on lockdown. But I hear grocery stores are being emptied wherever people are actually allowed out of their homes.

Beijing has 1800 new cases today and that’s huge for here. The days ahead will be interesting.

They come to our home each day to do covid test while on this lockdown. It feels surreal.

@faith20 Thank you for such a heart felt prayer! God Bless you!

UPDATE: So their family is locked into their home for 7 days. Their door was sealed with paper border that can only be broken when the white hazmat suits show up to take a daily covid test.... So far our own family has not heard anything, so we are ok for the time being!

Our city in China is locking down many areas. Lock downs in China are harsh and direct. Our friends door has had alarms installed on it so that if they open their door to go out, it will ring and notify their community and police. This is quite common. So far our city has handled lock downs fairly well compared to other ones where massive food shortages occurred.
Please pray for:
- our family and our sons family who lives nearby
- the elderly - it brings back memories of the Great Starvation days where they suffered greatly
- Christians to use these hard days to share Gods love with each other and those who are not saved yet!

We are preparing and getting ready! With vision and purpose while living in China! God be Glorifed

@speakthetruth 😂😂😂 I was just thinking tonight about how our house we live in here in China is crumbling apart! So true

Please don’t forget to pray for the orphans in China. Because of Covid no international adoptions are moving forward and there are many children waiting for parents and a loving home. 😰😰😰😰😰 they are on my hearts every day. Some little children even had parents arriving to be pick them up and bring them home.... when suddenly the China wall went up and no one could come in to pick them up anymore until Covid restrictions are lifted. Those children have been waiting ever since. Those parents are besides themselves waiting to come get them! Please pray the hearts can be turned soon to opening back up the roads for adoption. And that the people of God could also have moved hearts towards providing homes for children who have been abandoned and are suffering every day without a family.

"Mom the police are here!"
One thing I never get used to is surprise police visits! Today it was to introduce the new "Manager of Foreigners " and ask us questions. Our family is the only foreigners in our area! So it is an honor and privilege to be here.I believe it is important to always show love,kindness,respect and do our best to win people's hearts. A "from the past Anti-foreigner" attitude can still be seen and felt at times. Some will still use the words" white devils" in reference to us, but we understand WHY. They had to live through EXTREMELY unimaginable hardships during the years when China forbid white foreigners .They lived with intensity of Communism,Great Starvation,Tiananmen Square Massacre and more! So I find it easy to love those who may treat us wrongly or with prejudice.Jesus spoke on the Cross " They know not what they do"...
Having said all that, MOST people here are the sweetest kindest people!The Chinese have become my people in many ways and always will be!

Still on lockdown.
A few of you have asked if we are ok. Yes we are pressing on and keeping our eyes on Jesus. 🦋

But it truly living on pins and needles!

Uh oh! a new package arrived with our latest BTJ hackers Bible!!!!
move over hologram Bible....this is a game changer. 🥸

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