My daughter just wrote this. Please pray for baby! As Grandma my heart is aching. Jesus please heal and fast!

For those of you here who know us and are wondering how we are doing, we are doing well enough. We sent out 42 Christmas boxes ( shoeboxes filled with gifts) to a very poor country orphanage we have been witnessing to. And it will also reach a few very poor families. Rejoicing and trusting that every seed planted will bear fruit!

Please pray for our granddaughter. She is 3 weeks old and has RSV and Bronchitis 🥺.

It’s raining here And there are many roads in our city that are flooding! Beijing has asked for people to stay home. Buses have stopped.

PLEASE PRAY for the elderly and people who have difficult circumstances as a result. Some have to be evacuated. Others remember a flash flooding that happened in 2012 that lost 79 lives.

It’s quiet amazing thought I get rain for two weeks in a row - as usually Beijing is hot and no rain all summer long!

And here is a video of how we are being affected 😂😂😂. Thinking of inviting the grandchildren for a splashing party! This is a sunroom upstairs in our house 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

For all of you who pray foR us, we are pressing on! Remember your brothers and sisters in Chains in China 🙏

For all who are praying, my covid pneumonia is improving. I am still having signs it’s still there, and i can’t do much normal stuff yet, but it’s so much better than a couple weeks ago. Thank you.

This is how I hope that Jesus can hold me one day. Until then I will love Him and remember that all we suffer here will be ok once we are with Him in Heaven!

So many have died this month from covid here in China. Please pray for families who are suffering the loss during the 1st Chinese New Years in 3 years where family is free to visit one another without lockdowns and quarantined and restrictions.

There is much pain in China this month. 😢😢😢

Day 5 of not being allowed to leave our home. I think about 70% of Beijing is probably on lockdown. But I hear grocery stores are being emptied wherever people are actually allowed out of their homes.

Beijing has 1800 new cases today and that’s huge for here. The days ahead will be interesting.

They come to our home each day to do covid test while on this lockdown. It feels surreal.

@faith20 Thank you for such a heart felt prayer! God Bless you!

UPDATE: So their family is locked into their home for 7 days. Their door was sealed with paper border that can only be broken when the white hazmat suits show up to take a daily covid test.... So far our own family has not heard anything, so we are ok for the time being!

Our city in China is locking down many areas. Lock downs in China are harsh and direct. Our friends door has had alarms installed on it so that if they open their door to go out, it will ring and notify their community and police. This is quite common. So far our city has handled lock downs fairly well compared to other ones where massive food shortages occurred.
Please pray for:
- our family and our sons family who lives nearby
- the elderly - it brings back memories of the Great Starvation days where they suffered greatly
- Christians to use these hard days to share Gods love with each other and those who are not saved yet!

We are preparing and getting ready! With vision and purpose while living in China! God be Glorifed

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