Pray for Myanmar and our dear friends there. We heard yesterday thousands of prisoners were released from prison and told to burn houses and make room for civil disobedience citizens and government workers to be jailed. Many Doctors and nurses have been detained. Free prisoners are burning houses whole night. Pray for the Lord's destiny to be fulfilled in this heavily Buddhist nation. Their internet was going to be turned off from the 14th of Feb through the end of the month but some still have internet. Last week many Chinese planes were flying into Myanmar and 2 N Korean planes flew in. Army and police are arresting people at night and taking them to unknown locations and they are not heard from again, for now. From a friend just now: History is unfolding right now there. Watchmen and intercessors proclaim the Lord's will and peace and protection over the innocent.

@Jorge Lord pour out your Spirit on myanmar, protectect your people, send mighty angles in there.

@Cherishingsparrows2020 @Seabreeze777 @Jorge @MaryMamuzich I am getting the same information via personal contacts. These prisoners were given drugs and then sent out to cause havoc.

Buddhism will not save them. They need to cry out to the Lord to save them from this!

@Jorge oh my goodness! This breaks my heart. I will be praying 🙏

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