3 weeks of rain in the North Eastern parts of India! Several domestic animals and wild animals died. Crops submerged in water. Tea Estate workers suffering in their leaky cottages.
Please continue to pray!
(Pictures are from 2014 Vietnam floods)
Volunteers are struck in remote villages without transportation.

Many are requesting for Seeds and hand tools.


@Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter I'm without words! I shake my head and close my eyes. My heart hurts. I lift all the pain and suffering the ppl of India are going through right now and for the future when there are no crops to harvest and few animals for food and for the lack of food for the animals.... The suffering looks endless but our Lord truly is above our limits; is faithful and able to supply all our needs.
I lift my hands and broken heart to the One who cares the most.

@MaryMamuzich @Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter amen sister. The Lord hears our cries and sees our broken hearts. In Exodus, the Lord told the children of Israel that He is merciful and longsuffering. He sees and knows.

@Kruselady @Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter so much pain around the world...seems like my quiet time with Jesus is all said in tears.

@MaryMamuzich @Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter , my heart joins in with you. Yes, dearest Jesus, the most Prosperous One, release Your wholeness and Your prosperous Spirit over India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and the list too numerous for us to write here! Do not turn your precious face away from our groaning and tears on behalf of our fellowmen around the world suffering so deeply.

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