People of God . Good day and Happy Sunday. Been out preaching and prophesying in the City of Lagos...I didn't forget you guys o...I was working.
So how are you doing this weekend?

Well IF we had known... We would've stepped up the prayers, brother!

@Rinati apologies...left home very early...and had been under a burden of prayer for a couple of days....
Today was explosive of the dunamis kind!! Glory to God!!

@Olamide you are missed when you're not on but I always figure you're out doing the Lord's work and send prayers to the Lord on your behalf.

@Olamide morning (OK i'm on Monday now)

weekend was busy - recording, editing and creating our two weekly broadcasts, as well as making plans for a live broadcast light party at the end of the month

and we did some baking with a new recipe - flat bread 🙂

Andy B

@Olamide this is good to hear. Let's me know how to pray for my brother O. And Nigeria. Its been on my heart many years.

@Kruselady was planning on send you a prayer list via direct message (inbox).
Sorry for speaking Greek.🤣🤣

@Olamide to me it is Greek. My grandson was giving me computer lessons yesterday. I finally got one. Not just my phone.

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