Dear friends, my daughter Eliza has cancer and I I believe she has taken the third jab. She got inflammation in the liver and the pancreas. Apparently, things are pretty serious with Eliza. She has some metastasis that is blocking the connection between the pancreas and the liver. They stuck a camera down her throat. I´m serious worried about the outcome. She is 36 year old, married and have two wonderful little girls 5 and 6 years old.

@beocai Will pray for her! If she can eat, cardamom, broccoli, and blueberries have been shown in some cases to be as helpful as cancer meds without the side effects. Ask her doctors and take the meds too. That is a tough predicament. Whatever comes to pass and whatever situation we find ourselves in, remember God is with us. Make the best choices and do not worry. We have a peace that surpasses all understanding.

@beocai Father we bring Eliza to your throne of Grace, have mercy upon Eliza, her family. You send your Word and heal her completely. We command all blockage to be removed in Jesus Name.
By the Stripes of Jesus Eliza is healed, we declare that healing upon her.
We cancel all negative pronouncements which are against your Word and which are not from FAITH.
"You are the Lord who heals us" - heal Eliza completely.
We plead this in the Name of Jesus...

@beocai oh, no!! I'm so sorry! It's painful to have our children hurting or sick. I pray with you for healing. May the Lord's hand be upon her.

@beocai Father in Heaven I pray you will bring healing to Eliza.. to bless & guide the doctors as they do their best .. but you are the healer and we depend on you .. in Jesus name!

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